The only tool you’ll ever need to track company travel

As an employer, you have a duty of care to keep your teams safe – but that’s not easy when people are frequently travelling to different locations and countries.

Voyage Manager’s specialist travel tracking software is the most advanced travel tracking tool on the market, providing a flexible, affordable way to keep in touch with staff movements.

Unlike many other solutions, our travel tracking software can track the full travel lifecycle, from the moment people leave their starting point until their safe return.

Web and app-based
Log on from your computer or mobile for instant information.
Customised access
Give people the access they need and nothing extra.
Real-time data
Accurate travel alerts and security updates
All the business travel data you need, in one place

All the business travel data you need, in one place

Voyage Manager tracks all forms of travel through one dashboard, including flights, public transport, train travel, taxis and rental cars. This travel information can be used within specialist features on our platform to:

  • Prioritise staff safety at all times, wherever people are located in the world
  • Assign staff tags based on job role, team and department, so you can track and manage them by group
  • Coordinate logistics when travel plans get interrupted – supporting repatriation if needed
  • Calculate your corporate carbon footprint and the impact of business travel on the environment
  • Track tax, immigration and compliance data to stay within company and government guidelines
  • Analyse company-wide activities to reduce the cost of business travel

Our travel tracking software is completely flexible, so you can make sure employees have access to the parts of the system they need, and nothing else.

Choose active or passive travel tracking tools

Unlike many tools on the market, Voyage Manager offers complete flexibility. You choose how best to track staff travel – depending on the data and features you want to use:

Passive travel tracking - we take data from agencies, booking engines, email itineraries and manually-entered updates to tell you where people are supposed to be at any point in time.

Active travel tracking - our active tracking system imports and monitors itineraries, checking in with travellers to ensure they’ve reached their intended destination. It’s the most advanced software of its kind available.

Automated travel tracking - we instantly process travel data including itineraries, expenses and GPS mobile tracking to provide accurate data on people’s whereabouts.

Check-in regularly with travelling staff

Two-way communication is key to people’s safety. With Voyage Manager, mobile users can check-in by app to let colleagues know they’ve reached their destination. You’ll receive an alert if they fail to respond within a set time frame.

Expenses Travel Tracking
Travel tracking for academic institutions and corporate businesses

Travel tracking for academic institutions and corporate businesses

Voyage Manager works with many different types of organisation to keep their teams safe, from academic institutions such as universities and colleges, to corporate businesses. We also have a network of partners and resellers, who use our travel tracking software within their service offering. These include travel agencies, relocation companies and security and assistance companies.

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