Voyage Manager's Travel Tracker Helps Keep Your Staff Safe

Voyage Manager has been innovating in travel tracking since 2010. Our powerful, affordable system monitors every stage of the journey, from the moment your people leave until their safe return. It uses intelligent automation to free travel managers from repetitive tasks.

For instance, it does away with the need to conduct check calls on travelling staff. It can take in booking data from a huge range of sources, and scale to any number of travellers. Usage-based pricing guarantees you only ever pay for what you need.

Three Levels of Travel Tracking: Automated, Active and Passive

Voyage Manager gives you total flexibility. You can choose to what degree you would like to track your staff's travel. And you can select the data and features you use in doing so.

Passive Travel Tracking

Our system tells you where your travellers should have been, should be and will be based on their itineraries‍

Active Travel Tracking

Active tracking system automatically checks in travelers at key waypoints, offering active reassurance and alerting admins of deviations

Automated Travel Tracking

Automated travel tracking system combines itinerary data and GPS for real-time, automated tracking.

Passive Travel Tracking

Passive Travel Tracking: We turn your travel data into individual itineraries for every traveller. Our system captures information from a huge range of sources, including flights, hotel bookings and car rentals. We can tell you where your travelling staff should be, and where they are due to go next. Itinerary-based tracking is simple and unobtrusive. However, it cannot account for unplanned deviations from a route or schedule. Many of our competitors only offer this level of tracking.

Active Track Tracking

Active Travel Tracking: Improves on itinerary-based tracking by introducing automated check-ins. These trigger at key intervals throughout a trip. Our system prompts your staff to confirm that they are on board their flight, and that it will depart on schedule. It also verifies that they have reached their destination without incident. Admin personnel receive an alert if a traveller gets delayed, or has to deviate from their planned route. Active tracking provides a greater level of reassurance than passive tracking can deliver.

Automated Travel Tracking

Our next generation travel tracking solution offers total peace of mind. It aggregates itineraries, other travel data, expenses, GPS mobile tracking, and check-in requests. We can also pull in real-time flight data. We can even supply dedicated hardware trackers for travel far off the beaten track. Our system uses all this information to show you exactly where your staff are at any given time. Intelligent automation maximises accuracy and minimises the impact on travellers and support staff. The system operates 24/7 without supervision, so you will always know where your people are. You won't find a more powerful tool on the market today.

An Option for Privacy-conscious Firms: Anonymous Travel Tracking

Voyage Manager lets you track travellers without knowing who they are. This optional feature empowers you to ensure your staff's safety while respecting their privacy. It also facilitates travel tracking in jurisdictions with strict data protection laws. The reassurance of anonymity can improve employee compliance with corporate travel policies.

Customer love

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“Having a system in place that we can trust allows us to monitor our crew. Voyage Manager contributed to us building our credibility and reputation as a company.”
Steinar Fjeldbo
Fugro Geoteam
“We want to be the absolute industry leaders by having the system in place to maintain and monitor the safety and security of our staff. Voyage Manager allows us to do that.”
Dominic Milne
University of Aberdeen
“We needed a partner that would stay up to speed with safe global travel, its risk, health and security requirements. Voyage Manager gave us what we needed; it’s making our life easier.”
Debra McCabe

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