Crew Management Made Easy with Voyage Manager

Crew changes are more complicated than regular group travel. They introduce roster, documentation, travel, training and compliance issues. Voyage Manager helps with every stage of the process. Our crew management module can suggest suitable crew members for a given change. It ensures that a crew's composition complies with company requirements. It checks that crew members have all the right documentation. And it tracks individual crew members through to their final destination.

Advantages of Voyage Manager’s Automated Travel Policy Compliance

Simplifying Planning

Ensure that you have the right complement of people

End to End Tracking

Ensure that crew members for many locations arrive at the destination

Manage Documentation

Ensure crew members have the correct and up to date documents

Simplifying Crew Change Planning While Meeting Compliance and Safety Requirements

Voyage Manager helps you to plan which staff to associate with a given crew change. Our automated system uses your most recent roster information to suggest possible additions. It also ensures that crew composition complies with your internal criteria. For instance, each department may need a certain number of specialists to be present. If a proposed crew does not meet your custom conditions, crew managers will receive an alert.

Crew members need valid passports, and often visas or vaccinations too. Voyage Manager monitors all the documentation essential for travel and for work. If something is missing, the system will alert the crew manager. It also keeps track of your in-house training requirements in a similar way. This proactive approach lets you rectify issues fast. You can feel confident that nothing will disrupt a crew change at the last minute.

Monitoring Crew Travel to Destination

Crews assemble from all over the world. They often have to converge on particular mustering points to a tight schedule. This makes Voyage Manager's industry-leading travel tracker invaluable. It monitors the progress of every single traveller's trip in real-time. Crew managers can see at a glance where all their personnel are. The system will alert them to any delays or deviations from pre-agreed itineraries. This lets them respond faster should problems arise.

Maritime crews often travel to and from remote locations when embarking and disembarking. We can supply dedicated hardware travel trackers that will work anywhere on Earth. We can also track the location of vessels in real-time.

While we designed our crewing solution with maritime crews in mind, it is adaptable for oil installations, mining and other operations. With Voyage Manager, managing your crew changes has never been easier. Contact us today for a personalised demo.

Customer Love

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“Having a system in place that we can trust allows us to monitor our crew. Voyage Manager contributed to us building our credibility and reputation as a company.”
Steinar Fjeldbo
Fugro Geoteam
“We want to be the absolute industry leaders by having the system in place to maintain and monitor the safety and security of our staff. Voyage Manager allows us to do that.”
Dominic Milne
University of Aberdeen
“We needed a partner that would stay up to speed with safe global travel, its risk, health and security requirements. Voyage Manager gave us what we needed; it’s making our life easier.”
Debra McCabe

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