Service Plans

Choose the right service plan for your business.

Every company is unique, so naturally our travel tracking software will be used in different ways. That’s why Voyage Manager offers a choice of service plans to our customers.

From SMEs to large enterprises, in-house travel management to partner and resellers, we provide flexible arrangements to suit your needs.

Select your preferred plan from the options below – if you are not sure which option is the best fit, email for expert support.

Plan 1: Multi-Tenanted

Secure access to your own account on the main Voyage Manager platform.

We take care of the hosting; the site login page remains in our branding as this service is multi-tenanted.

Ideal for: companies of all sized, that want a no fuss service for essential travel tracking.

Plan 2: Hosted

Your own platform, hosted by us, with data stored in a dedicated environment.

Platform services can be branded for your business, including website, notification emails, text messages and URLs.

Ideal for: companies that want a dedicated, branded and managed travel tracking solution.

Plan 3: In-House

A dedicated Voyage Manager environment, hosted and managed by your team.

Everything is custom branded, with data stored through either us, your data centres or cloud providers.

Ideal for: large enterprises looking to completely control and manage travel tracking, logistics and analytics.

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