Cut your carbon footprint, increase your green credentials

Climate change is high on the agenda of businesses, customers and employees.

Use Voyage Manager’s environmental impact tools to track, manage and reduce your carbon footprint,
by making smarter travel decisions.

Calculate your complete environmental footprint.
Choose greener suppliers and carbon offset.
Attract new customers with your approach.
Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint

Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint

Voyage Manager manages all your company’s travel activity in one place, making it easy to calculate your complete environmental footprint.

We analyse data from the moment staff leave the door until the moment they return, tracking travel activity including mileage, public transport, rail, flight, taxis and rental cars, so you can:

  • Make decisions that reduce your carbon footprint and improve your green credentials
  • Select travel suppliers that use more fuel-efficient modes of transport
  • Carbon offset through planting trees or using carbon capture suppliers

If you’re interested in carbon offsetting, Voyage Manager can arrange this on your behalf to reduce or eliminate your environmental footprint.

Make greener decisions with business travel analytics

Voyage Manager measures the business impact of your travel activity, so you can make environmentally friendly decisions that boost your bottom line:

  • Compare actual travel plans with your greenest travel option
  • Calculate the company-wide impact of business trips using anonymised traveller data
  • Benchmark your climate footprint against other companies in your sector
  • Improve your climate credentials to attract environmentally-conscious customers

Lowering your environmental footprint can also help you to recruit top talent, as 65% of people want to work for businesses with a strong social conscience.

Make greener decisions with business travel analytics
At Voyage Manager, we practice what we preach

At Voyage Manager, we practice what we preach

As a company, Voyage Manager has invested heavily in becoming carbon neutral. We have solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicles, and are looking at carbon offsetting all our non-green travel by 2021.

Employees are encouraged to cycle to work whenever possible, using our pool of company bicycles.


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