Anonymous Travel Tracking Takes Data Privacy to a New Level

Companies have a duty of care towards travelling staff. Travel tracking is an essential part of meeting that obligation. But practical issues can hinder implementation. For one, data protection and privacy laws limit the scope for monitoring in certain jurisdictions. The EU is particularly strict in this regard. Also, individual employees may have understandable concerns about protecting their privacy. They may be reluctant to use a tool that tracks their whereabouts. Voyage Manager’s anonymous travel tracker solves both these issues. It lets firms keep tabs on where their employees are without identifying individuals.

Advantages of Voyage Manager’s Automated Travel Policy Compliance

Anonymous Entry

No personal data is stored on the system. A unique identifier replaces the travellers name

Completely Anonymous

No personal data is stored or the system or recorded by any system, providing complete anonymity

Anonymised View

In privacy mode traveller details are anonymised, but administrators can unlock personal details if needed.

Three Types of Anonymous Travel Tracking for Maximum Flexibility

Voyage Manager offers a choice of three types of anonymous travel tracking. Each comes with different benefits and limitations.

Anonymous Entry

With Anonymous Entry, personal data is anonymised before entering the system. Each traveller gets allocated a unique code, and every item of data is tied to a code rather than a name. This ensures that searches on the main system will never reveal a traveller's identity. A separate database stores the relationship between codes and identities. Access to this decoder database can be as restricted as you like. This approach to implementing anonymity works fine for GPS tracking. But it means that trips must be entered into itineraries by hand. This increases workloads, and the chance of errors.

Completely Anonymous

Completely Anonymous makes compromises on functionality in pursuit of maximum privacy. All traveller information is replaced by unique identifiers up front. Thus, no personally identifiable information is ever stored within the travel tracker. But no record is maintained of the correspondence between personal identities and identifiers. Administrators can see where travellers are, but never who they are. This limits their ability to respond if an emergency arises.

Anonymised View

The Anonymised View offers a good level of privacy protection without compromising functionality. The underlying system continues to work as a normal travel tracker. Anonymity is only introduced at the reporting stage. Unique identifiers get displayed instead of each traveller's personal details. Administrators can see where employees are, but not who each code represents. In an emergency, designated security staff can turn off obfuscation and access identities. A full audit trail is kept of all such requests to prevent abuse.

Voyage Manager clients have free rein to choose any of the anonymous tracking solutions above. We recommend anonymous view, as it offers a pragmatic balance between privacy and security. But your needs may be better served by one of our other offerings.

Anonymity Helps foster Travel Policy Compliance

Travellers are more likely to support a platform that preserves their anonymity day-to-day. They will feel less inclined to circumvent company travel policies. They will also be more willing to engage with the system and what it has to offer. They will welcome pre-travel briefings, and real-time risk alerts customised to their location. They will engage with check-in requests without worrying about being spied on. And, depending on the implementation, they will have the reassurance that their employer can locate them in a worst case scenario.

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Steinar Fjeldbo
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“We want to be the absolute industry leaders by having the system in place to maintain and monitor the safety and security of our staff. Voyage Manager allows us to do that.”
Dominic Milne
University of Aberdeen
“We needed a partner that would stay up to speed with safe global travel, its risk, health and security requirements. Voyage Manager gave us what we needed; it’s making our life easier.”
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