19 Aug 2020Category: News

Top tips for negotiating cheaper rates with your business travel suppliers

Corporate travel is a significant cost to companies; over 8 million overseas trips are taken each year, with UK firms footing a collective travel annual bill of £4.7 billion...


12 Aug 2020Category: News

Renewing your company travel insurance? Lower your premium with data analytics

In order to safeguard employees during business trips, many organisations take out a company travel insurance premium...


5 Aug 2020Category: News

How to stop lost travel documents from costing your business big-time

As much as company directors would like every business trip to run smoothly, sometimes things go wrong...


30 Jul 2020Category: News

What is permanent establishment – and how can your company avoid paying for it?

As a company director, there are many regulations your business must comply with to trade legally...


23 Jul 2020Category: News

5 easy ways to reduce or offset your company's climate footprint

Strong environmental credentials are no longer the ‘icing on the cake’ for companies; they are a cornerstone of brand values, and can greatly impact new business opportunities.


15 Jul 2020Category: News

How can you reduce your carbon footprint… without giving up business flights?

Air travel has transformed the way companies do business, building quick, effective travel routes that allow organisations to create networks all over the world. But...


8 Jul 2020Category: News

Boost your corporate reputation by cutting your climate footprint – here’s how

Companies are more than the products and services they offer; they represent a set of values, which determine who they attract as customers, partners, investors and employees.


1 Jul 2020Category: News

How to win new customers by improving your climate credentials

There used to be a time when operating as a ‘green business’ was a USP or market differentiator; not anymore.


6 Jun 2019Category: News

The effect of Brexit on immigration for business travel

Voyage Manager releases the Voyage Immigration service. Voyage Immigration helps companies and individuals comply with international immigration rules

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