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6. June 2019 10:00
by John

The effect of Brexit on immigration for business travel

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One of the major questions that travellers are asking at the moment has to do with the effects of Brexit on travel in the EU. And while no one can say for certain what is going to happen, there are a number of outcomes that are highly likely to occur. With the use of Voyage Manager’s flexible platform, you can be prepared for any eventuality and take the stress out of post-Brexit travel. 

Right now, a British passport entitles its owner to live, work, or play in the EU at their leisure. There are millions of people who have chosen to take advantage of this by living in an EU country, and many millions more travel throughout the EU for either work or pleasure.

When entering an EU country, Brits are currently treated in the same manner as the native citizens of that country. They can pass quickly through customs and are not subject to visas or other necessary travel permits. After Brexit, this will change.

Once Britain leaves the EU, British citizens will no longer have the right to the freedom of movement currently accorded to them, but the exact ramifications of this are yet to be seen. It is highly likely, however, that Brits will become part of the category that currently contains Canadians and Americans.

At the moment, both Canadians and Americans can travel through the EU without a visa for up to 90 days in a 180-day period. If they stay longer than that allotted time, they need to apply for a visa relevant to both the country and reason for their stay. After Brexit, it would make sense that these same conditions would apply to British travellers. Voyage Manager’s Immigration tool can assist you in these situations by warning you when you are approaching critical residency or visa deadlines.

There is also talk of the EU equivalent of the ESTA required by European travellers visiting the US. This electronically granted travel authorisation, ETIAS, is coming into force as of 2021 and is a highly likely necessity for British travellers post-Brexit.

Having all of your documentation, visas, and personal information available at the tip of your fingers is going to be even more important for the business traveller post-Brexit. There will be more paperwork to have and more deadlines and expiry dates to remember. Voyage Manager’s document facility  - Vault - allows you to carry all your important documents with you in one safe, digital location. It reminds you of expiry dates and warns you when you are reaching the thresholds.

Though there is uncertainty about the exact nature of the changes approaching, there is absolute clarity in the fact that the status quo will not be maintained. Therefore, plan for additional pre-screening before your trips and extra customs requirements at your destination.

24. April 2019 13:00
by John

Voyage Immigration Goes Live

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Voyage Manager releases the Voyage Immigration service. Voyage Immigration helps companies and individuals comply with international immigration rules. The service monitors the number of days travellers spend in countries and visa regions, ensuring that travellers to not breach visa and immigration rules.

Breaching visa and immigration rules can have severe consequences, including large fines, deportation from a country or region, or denial of entry into a country or region. All of these outcomes are disruptive to travel and costly for the company and traveller. 

Countries and visa regions are becoming stricter on visa and immigration violations, leading to travellers refusing to travel, due to the increased risk of denied entry. 

Voyage Immigration consists of the web portal, Immigration smartphone app and notification services. 

Web Portal

 The new Immigration module allows administrators to get an overview of pending immigration issues, as well as drill down into any traveller's visa and immigration profile. Administrators can see the number of days spent in any country or visa area, which visas travellers have and how long they have left on the visas. They can also view the data trail of where travellers have been and which days they have been in each jurisdiction. 

Through the My Travel module travellers can their immigration details, in the same way as administrators can. Travellers can also verify that the data stored in the system is accurate and correct. 

Immigration App

The Immigration app is available for Android and iOS based smartphones. The apps synchronize with the portal, giving travellers a complete overview of their days in country and region. The home page on the apps displays their current country or visa area, their residency status and the number of days left until they will occur a breach. The Overview screen provides a breakdown of days in all areas, with details on the visa rules. The calendar shows the location of the traveller on each day, and the passport view shows the details of all of the traveller's passports. 

Download the Immigration app from the app stores. 


Notification Service

The notification service notifies travellers and administrators by email when travellers approach and when they breach immigration rules. 

For more information on Voyage Immigration go to the Immigration section on the Voyage Manager portal

12. February 2019 23:03
by John

ケーススタディ - University of Aberdeen

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The Case

Glasgow大学の推薦で2014年にAberdeen大学のInternational OfficeがVoyage Managerのトラベルトラッキングシステムを成功裏に採用しました。


International Office部門自体が経験した現地での不安定な状況、第三者からの危険な事態への遭遇、大学関係者から銃撃を受けたことなどの情報を基に、その必要性が高まっていました。



The Transformation



毎日の自動状況アップデート、同意に基づくロケーショントラッキングなどの特長は、大学としてシンプルな使い方、安全確認ソフトウェアなどで基本的な課題である積極的な個人の安全の確認にVoyage Managerは対応していると確信しました。

 Voyage Managerは完全に異なるものを提供しているが、我々の危惧と必要性に合致していました。“

Aberdeen大学は、メンバーの海外渡航に関するデータを大学の異なるソースからセキュアな情報として統合していて、Voyage Managerシステムを必要な形に構築できた事に感謝しています。

 Voyage Managerシステムは我々にとって効率的で有益で、我々のチーム及び近親者に安心を提供できました。我々はVoyage Managerシステムを採用することで多種多様なセキュリティー情報にアクセスが可能になり権限が大きくなった気がします。”

A Real Time Difference

Voyage Managerを採用する事で、リスク及びリスク管理の根本的な討議、“業務上渡航中に重大な事態が発生したら、上司の責任、自分の責任、攻撃者の責任”などが始まりました。

 “我々は以前に無かったシステムを活用し、スタッフの安全とセキュリティーをモニターし維持する業界のリーダーを目指していて、Voyage Managerはそれを可能にしてくれています。”

Key system outcomes for The University of Aberdeen

  • 可能な限りリスクの軽減
  • チームと学生の安全と健康を保障
  • 個人に頼らない自動相互作用
  • 渡航者と運用チームの時間削減
  • 余分な不安削減

12. February 2019 22:14
by John

ケーススタディ - Fugro GeoTeam

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The Case


2013年にCGGに買収される迄、ノルウェイのオスロー市に拠点を置くFugro GeoTeam社は海洋習得スペシャリスト会社でアフリカのナイジェリア西海岸及びタンザニア東海岸で海底の石油とガスの埋蔵位置情報を得るためにデータを収集していました。


 “煩雑な手間、時間、乗組員の家族の不安を削減するためにはトラベルトラッキングシステムが必要と思っていたところに、Voyage Managerからアプローチがありました。”

The Transformation

往来の多さからFugro GeoTeamは、乗組員の移動状況をモニターし都度サポートスタッフに状況を報告できる、信頼できるトラベルトラッキングシステムの活用を決定しました。

“Johnと彼のチームは我々のビジネスと課題をよく理解していて、彼らの真摯な態度は協業をスタートするのに非常に容易でした。我々のビジネスへのVoyage Manager統合は非常に簡単でした。システムの直感的なユーザーインターフェースはシンプルで我々はトレーニングを必要としませんでした。

Fugro GeoTeamは石油会社とガス会社との仕事をしていて、安全と環境課題を綿密に精査する業界なので、トラベル中の乗組員を保護する手順及び問題発生時の対応手順がどうなっているかを顧客企業から質問されます。

“乗組員をモニターする信頼できるシステムを稼動させることにより、Voyage Managerは当社の信用と評判の確立に貢献しました。

Voyage Managerはチームが自動形態で書類を作成・提出することを可能にするなど新しく効率的な運用を可能にしました。


A Game Changer

Voyage Managerはスマホで旅程、各種データにアクセスでき、異状発生時のアラート及びSOSの通知システムなど新しいコミュニケーションシステムを保持することにより、Fugro GeoTeamの面々が各々のゴールを達成するのに役立っています。

Key System Outcomes for Fugro Geoteam

  • 煩わしさ、時間、不必要な危惧の削減
  • 信用と評判の確立に貢献
  • 書類作成と提出の自動化
  • 事態の先取り
  • ビジネス運営の効率改善

“ヘルス、安全、環境部門と乗組員マネージャがVoyage Managerシステムに好感を持っている部門です。従業員は仕事中は保護されていて安全を感じ、個人時間中はトラックされていない事で安心と安全を感じています。”

14. January 2019 03:08
by John

Case Study - University of Aberdeen

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The Case: The successful implementation of Voyage Manager’s travel tracking system by the International Office at the University of Aberdeen in 2014, after receiving a positive recommendation from Glasgow University.         

The University of Aberdeen felt the need to have tools in place to ensure the safety and well being of staff and students when travelling abroad.

 The need arose with members of the International Office department having themselves experienced volatile situations out in the field, as well as having been informed of third party encounters with dangerous situations overseas, including hearing from academics that had been shot at.

 With the risk that high, they could not afford to rely on traditional communication avenues to keep track of faculty and university attendees, and decided to raise their levels of security to be less passive and more continually in touch with their whereabouts.

 What is fascinating to me is that our perceptions of risk are often unconsciously very biased...we would think nothing would happen.

 The Transformation: Having seen a number of incidents occur that could easily have escalated, the university felt compelled to question both its duty of care and the protocols it had put in place.

 Alongside accepting its own responsibilities, it required measures that were more robust than human nature, removing the need to rely on people remembering to keep the university informed via a text message, Whatsapp group or email whenever they were able to.

 Thanks to features such as daily automated requests for status updates and consensual location tracking, the university felt that Voyage Manager addressed the fundamental problem of being able to proactively check on a person’s safety through simple-to-use, live notification software.

 Voyage Manager offered something totally different, yet was so in tune with our needs and concerns.

 From the University of Aberdeen’s perspective, they had a consolidated and secure source of information, aggregating updates on members of the university who were travelling abroad from multiple data sources. They were also pleased with being able to configure the Voyage Manager system to suit their needs and help them navigate multiple time zones.

 They found Voyage Manager easy to implement and intuitive to use.

 The system is efficient and useful to our organisation. It was a nice reassurance to offer to our team and their next of kin. We feel empowered having the Voyage Manager system in place because we have access to a lot of security information. The more armed we are with flashpoints, in theory, the better prepared we should always be.

 A Real-Time Difference

 Voyage Manager opens a fundamental discussion about the nature of risk and who ultimately manages the risk. It poses difficult questions. “If a grave situation occurs when I am on a work trip, whose fault is it? Is it my boss’s fault, is it mine, or my attackers?”

 The looming question remains - what have we done to mitigate risk? Establishments may not be able to bullet-proof themselves, but this case illuminates how much things can improve when each party accepts their role in mitigating risk to the best of their ability.

 “We want to be the absolute industry leaders by having the system in place to maintain and monitor the safety and security of our staff, and Voyage Manager allows us to do that with tools that we did not have access to before.

 Key system outcomes for The University of Aberdeen:

  • Mitigates risk and liability to the best of their ability
  • Ensures teams’ and students’ safety and wellbeing
  • Automates interactions, reducing reliance on human nature
  • Saves time for travellers and operations team
  • Removes unnecessary worries

Working with John is brilliant. Fundamentally he understands the nature of our job and because he understands what we do and the places we go to, he understands the benefits of the system to us, and that makes a massive difference.

Case Study_University of Aberdeen.pdf (82.83 kb)

14. January 2019 02:54
by John

Case Study - Fugro GeoTeam

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The Case: Building an active and trusted travel tracking system to monitor marine acquisition and data gathering trips.

 Before an acquisition by CGG in 2013, Fugro GeoTeam was based in Oslo, Norway. They specialised in marine acquisition, which involved gathering data from the sea floor and looking for oil and gas resources mainly on the West coast of Nigeria or the East coast of Tanzania in Africa.

 There were sixty crew members, of which thirty on-boarded and thirty off-boarded every month. With half the crew swapping over that regularly, there was frequent travelling between the vessel and the homes of the crew, situated in various countries and cities around the world.

 At that time we were already thinking it would be good to have a travel tracking system in place which would save us a lot of hassle, time, and unnecessary worries for the families of the crew members. We were glad when Voyage Manager’s team approached us.

 The Transformation: With so much to and fro, Fugro GeoTeam decided to enable itself with a reliable travel tracking system. Monitoring the crew’s movements meant the company  could notify support staff of a trip’s status as it was in progress.

 John and his team knew our company’s problems. Their caring attitude about our business and its nature meant it was easy to start working with them. We found it very easy to implement Voyage Manager into our business. The system had this very intuitive user interface, we didnt need a course in order to learn it. The great thing was that it was so simple.

 Fugro GeoTeam work with oil and gas companies. This is a sector that is strongly scrutinised in light of safety and environmental issues, so naturally clients would ask what processes were in place to protect travelling crew members and what procedures are followed when something happens.

 Having a system in place that we could trust allowed us to monitor our crew. Voyage Manager contributed to us building our credibility and reputation as a company.

 Voyage manager also opened doors to newer more efficient practices, enabling teams with the ability to create and submit documentation in an automated fashion.

 We also realised that having knowledge was key. This solution allowed us to be ahead of the game in both dangerous situations as well as small easy tasks, such as a no show flight or a delayed flight. A much more effective business practice.

 A Game Changer

 Essentially, Voyage Manager, empowered the entire team. Having travel itineraries on cell phones, wider access to relevant data, and a notification system that could provide alerts or SOS capabilities when something out of the ordinary opened, a new communication channel throughout the company, therefore allowing each facet of Fugro GeoTeam to better fulfil its individual goals.

 Key system outcomes for the Fugro GeoTeam:

  • Saves a lot of hassle, time and unnecessary worries
  • Contributes to building our company’s credibility and reputation
  • Automates creation and submission of documentation
  • Allows to be ahead of the game
  • Improves efficiency of business practices

 The biggest fans of Voyage Manager were the Health, Safety and Environment department and crewing manager, they were very fond of this system. Employees liked to be protected and feel safe on the job, and were relieved knowing that they are safe being untracked during personal time."

Case Study_Fugro GeoTeam.pdf (77.44 kb)

14. May 2018 15:38
by John

Anonymous Tracking is Taking Off

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With GDPR taking effect as of the 25th of May 2018, data privacy is now at the front of every company's mind. 

At Voyage manager we are strong belivers in people's right to privacy, which is why, in 2015 we introduced the world's first anonymous travel tracker. We developed anonymous travel tracking to help companies comply with their duty of care requirements while at the same time giving travellers and employees the privacy they want. Our anonymous travel tracker tracks where travellers are, while hiding their identity. When a disaster or incident occurs the client can disable anonymity so that security staff can respond to the traveller. Once the issue has been resolved, anonymity is re-enabled.

Interest in anonymous travel tracking has grown exponentially over the last year as companies realize the benefits of anonymous tracking. Travellers are more likely to support and engage with a tracking platform that preserves their anonymity.

For more information about anonymous tracking see

23. May 2017 12:00
by Kim

MSI's Business Travel Tracking division partners with Voyage Manager

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In today’s ever-expanding global regulatory environment, it is imperative that organizations implement a consistent process for collecting and managing employee travel and location information to address employee security, tax, and immigration related concerns, along with a broad number of corporate risk, permanent establishment and compliance issues.

To respond to this growing need, MSI has partnered with Voyage Manager to leverage their technologies and processes in order to meet the compliance and duty of care requirements of corporations worldwide.

“We believe our partnership with Voyage Manager, allows us to bring the most comprehensive employee travel tracking and data management solution to the marketplace today ” said Timm Runnion, CEO of MSI. “This solution provides  standardized processes and technology which can be applied enterprise wide, eliminating the redundancies inherent when providing necessary information to multiple downstream service companies and globally to governmental tax and immigration departments.”

MSI Global Talent Solutions LLC is a professional services organization that focuses on helping organizations to grow compete and globalize.  Through our compliance support businesses,  MSI Global Immigration and MSI Global Compensation and Tax Administration, we are also able to seamlessly interpret the employee travel data into mission critical services designed to proactively keep their employees  compliant and to avoid any unnecessary security risks that may result from their travel activities.

Voyage Manager CEO John Scott says "We are delighted and excited to be working closely with MSI and their team and we look forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring to Voyage Manager, MSI and our clients."