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6. June 2019 10:00
by John

The effect of Brexit on immigration for business travel

6. June 2019 10:00 by John | 0 Comments

One of the major questions that travellers are asking at the moment has to do with the effects of Brexit on travel in the EU. And while no one can say for certain what is going to happen, there are a number of outcomes that are highly likely to occur. With the use of Voyage Manager’s flexible platform, you can be prepared for any eventuality and take the stress out of post-Brexit travel. 

Right now, a British passport entitles its owner to live, work, or play in the EU at their leisure. There are millions of people who have chosen to take advantage of this by living in an EU country, and many millions more travel throughout the EU for either work or pleasure.

When entering an EU country, Brits are currently treated in the same manner as the native citizens of that country. They can pass quickly through customs and are not subject to visas or other necessary travel permits. After Brexit, this will change.

Once Britain leaves the EU, British citizens will no longer have the right to the freedom of movement currently accorded to them, but the exact ramifications of this are yet to be seen. It is highly likely, however, that Brits will become part of the category that currently contains Canadians and Americans.

At the moment, both Canadians and Americans can travel through the EU without a visa for up to 90 days in a 180-day period. If they stay longer than that allotted time, they need to apply for a visa relevant to both the country and reason for their stay. After Brexit, it would make sense that these same conditions would apply to British travellers. Voyage Manager’s Immigration tool can assist you in these situations by warning you when you are approaching critical residency or visa deadlines.

There is also talk of the EU equivalent of the ESTA required by European travellers visiting the US. This electronically granted travel authorisation, ETIAS, is coming into force as of 2021 and is a highly likely necessity for British travellers post-Brexit.

Having all of your documentation, visas, and personal information available at the tip of your fingers is going to be even more important for the business traveller post-Brexit. There will be more paperwork to have and more deadlines and expiry dates to remember. Voyage Manager’s document facility  - Vault - allows you to carry all your important documents with you in one safe, digital location. It reminds you of expiry dates and warns you when you are reaching the thresholds.

Though there is uncertainty about the exact nature of the changes approaching, there is absolute clarity in the fact that the status quo will not be maintained. Therefore, plan for additional pre-screening before your trips and extra customs requirements at your destination.

24. April 2019 13:00
by John

Voyage Immigration Goes Live

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Voyage Manager releases the Voyage Immigration service. Voyage Immigration helps companies and individuals comply with international immigration rules. The service monitors the number of days travellers spend in countries and visa regions, ensuring that travellers to not breach visa and immigration rules.

Breaching visa and immigration rules can have severe consequences, including large fines, deportation from a country or region, or denial of entry into a country or region. All of these outcomes are disruptive to travel and costly for the company and traveller. 

Countries and visa regions are becoming stricter on visa and immigration violations, leading to travellers refusing to travel, due to the increased risk of denied entry. 

Voyage Immigration consists of the web portal, Immigration smartphone app and notification services. 

Web Portal

 The new Immigration module allows administrators to get an overview of pending immigration issues, as well as drill down into any traveller's visa and immigration profile. Administrators can see the number of days spent in any country or visa area, which visas travellers have and how long they have left on the visas. They can also view the data trail of where travellers have been and which days they have been in each jurisdiction. 

Through the My Travel module travellers can their immigration details, in the same way as administrators can. Travellers can also verify that the data stored in the system is accurate and correct. 

Immigration App

The Immigration app is available for Android and iOS based smartphones. The apps synchronize with the portal, giving travellers a complete overview of their days in country and region. The home page on the apps displays their current country or visa area, their residency status and the number of days left until they will occur a breach. The Overview screen provides a breakdown of days in all areas, with details on the visa rules. The calendar shows the location of the traveller on each day, and the passport view shows the details of all of the traveller's passports. 

Download the Immigration app from the app stores. 


Notification Service

The notification service notifies travellers and administrators by email when travellers approach and when they breach immigration rules. 

For more information on Voyage Immigration go to the Immigration section on the Voyage Manager portal

14. May 2018 15:38
by John

Anonymous Tracking is Taking Off

14. May 2018 15:38 by John | 0 Comments

With GDPR taking effect as of the 25th of May 2018, data privacy is now at the front of every company's mind. 

At Voyage manager we are strong belivers in people's right to privacy, which is why, in 2015 we introduced the world's first anonymous travel tracker. We developed anonymous travel tracking to help companies comply with their duty of care requirements while at the same time giving travellers and employees the privacy they want. Our anonymous travel tracker tracks where travellers are, while hiding their identity. When a disaster or incident occurs the client can disable anonymity so that security staff can respond to the traveller. Once the issue has been resolved, anonymity is re-enabled.

Interest in anonymous travel tracking has grown exponentially over the last year as companies realize the benefits of anonymous tracking. Travellers are more likely to support and engage with a tracking platform that preserves their anonymity.

For more information about anonymous tracking see

23. May 2017 12:00
by Kim

MSI's Business Travel Tracking division partners with Voyage Manager

23. May 2017 12:00 by Kim | 0 Comments

In today’s ever-expanding global regulatory environment, it is imperative that organizations implement a consistent process for collecting and managing employee travel and location information to address employee security, tax, and immigration related concerns, along with a broad number of corporate risk, permanent establishment and compliance issues.

To respond to this growing need, MSI has partnered with Voyage Manager to leverage their technologies and processes in order to meet the compliance and duty of care requirements of corporations worldwide.

“We believe our partnership with Voyage Manager, allows us to bring the most comprehensive employee travel tracking and data management solution to the marketplace today ” said Timm Runnion, CEO of MSI. “This solution provides  standardized processes and technology which can be applied enterprise wide, eliminating the redundancies inherent when providing necessary information to multiple downstream service companies and globally to governmental tax and immigration departments.”

MSI Global Talent Solutions LLC is a professional services organization that focuses on helping organizations to grow compete and globalize.  Through our compliance support businesses,  MSI Global Immigration and MSI Global Compensation and Tax Administration, we are also able to seamlessly interpret the employee travel data into mission critical services designed to proactively keep their employees  compliant and to avoid any unnecessary security risks that may result from their travel activities.

Voyage Manager CEO John Scott says "We are delighted and excited to be working closely with MSI and their team and we look forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring to Voyage Manager, MSI and our clients."

10. April 2017 14:16
by Kim

Visit us at the Duty of Care Conference in London in May

10. April 2017 14:16 by Kim | 0 Comments

Come visit us at the Duty of Care – Protecting your workers and expats overseas in London on the 3rd and 4th of May. 

About the conference
With global threat levels involving terrorism, extreme weather and civil wars rising, we have seen a dramatic shift in the corporate travel risk landscape over the past couple of years. Companies are now preparing for scenarios such as bomb threats in European hotels which not so long ago barely featured on the radar. Yet understanding the real risks and your travellers’ exposure to them can sometimes be confusing when the media has an impact on your travellers’ fear and anxiety, pushing the threat of terrorism as a traveller concern to the forefront of our minds.

The concept of duty of care as it relates to travel risk management is a widely used term and many organisations now have all encompassing travel risk management programmes to ensure the safety and well-being of their staff.

By attending this conference, delegates will be able to hear the latest advice on risks posed to workers travelling overseas and assess whether their own in-house travel and risk procedures are up to date. Delegates will be able to ensure they adequately understand the legal implications and liabilities of managing overseas workers and that they are meeting their Duty of Care requirements. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network with peers, swap ideas and best practice and meet face to face the providers who are offering solutions in this area.

1. April 2017 09:24
by Kim

Voyage Manager Introduces Predictive Tracking

1. April 2017 09:24 by Kim | 0 Comments

New Voyage Manager technology, Voyage Forecast, can accurately predict where a traveler will be at any given time in the future.

Voyage Manager has taken another major leap forward in the world of traveler tracking with predictive tracking, also known as Voyage Forecast. We will know where your travelers are going to be, before they know they are going there.

Voyage Manager’s quantum temporal AI (artificial intelligence) team, part of Voyage Manager’s skunkworks, has been working on this for the past eight years, with a major breakthrough having occurred in December 2016. Since then, we have been validating our results, and we are now proud to present our predictive tracking technology to the world.

 Voyage Forecast can currently predict events and traveler locations up to one week into the future with 80% accuracy and one day into the future with 99.99% accuracy. Within the next few months, the long-term predictions will be finetuned, allowing for higher accuracy rates as the technology develops.

Although we cannot reveal too much about our methods, we use AI, machine learning, game theory, and open source data as well as other proprietary technologies and data to make these futuristic predictions. All of this may sound like something from a Philip K Dick story, but Voyage Forecast is a development that Voyage Manger is sure will be the tool of the future – it told us so itself!

At the core of our prediction engine is our classified temporal “brain”. The “brain” functions in such a way that it can foresee patterns and events for individuals and the world as a whole. Combining traveler predictions and the now foreseeable future world events will enable organizations to plan and take action on possible disasters before they begin to escalate. Since the breakthrough in December, businesses, individuals, and governments have all expressed interest in acquiring sole rights to Voyage Forecast, however, Voyage Manager is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit and will be rolling out a tiered pricing strategy shortly.

For more information about Voyage Forecast, Voyage Manager, or any other Voyage Manager technologies, please contact company director John Scott.

20. February 2017 13:54
by Kim

Meet us at the Business Travel Show 2017

20. February 2017 13:54 by Kim | 0 Comments

The Business Travel Show is Europe’s largest specialised exhibition and conference bringing together over 7,000 European travel professionals. It’s the one event in Europe where visitors can compare and evaluate over 250 global brands covering everything from travel management and expenses to travel services, technology and Duty of Care. 

Meet us and our partner SIRisk on stand B564, in the Responsible Travel Management Zone. 

We are looking forward to speaking with you about a whole host of topics including travel, security and tax risk, over the two days. 

28. December 2016 17:21
by Kim

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

28. December 2016 17:21 by Kim | 0 Comments

With real time expense tracking through Voyage Expense and travel tracking through Voyage Manager we can now provide real time card fraud monitoring, alerting and prevention. We are in a unique position of having information about the location of travellers as well as the locations of card transactions, something which is invaluable in identifying potential credit card fraud. Credit card companies will generally be limited to only having card transaction data. They do not have information about where the card owner is located. This makes it significantly more difficult for them to detect potential fraud.