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22. March 2016 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Is Now A Multilingual Platform

22. March 2016 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager – a highly versatile travel tracking, reporting, and monitoring system – is building on its reputation as the most customisable travel tracking software available by announcing today that the platform is now available in Japanese.

With the introduction of a fully Japanese platform, other languages are sure to follow, enabling a truly global appeal to the product and all of its services. Alerts and messages are already available in translation to over 40 different dialects, but until now, the platform itself has only been available in English.

John Scott, the director of Voyage Manager, said today, “We believe that businesses want the opportunity to work in their native languages. Our clients travel all over the world with our system, so it is only logical that they should be able to use the language of their choice when interacting with it as well.”

Voyage Manager’s new Japanese platform is currently available for hosted or in-house travel management solutions for companies of any size.

30. April 2015 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Expands Expedition Tracking Service

30. April 2015 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Following frequent requests from solo travellers, explorers and expeditions to provide tracking, Voyage Manager has launched the expedition tracking portal

Safety and security is a key concern for most travellers and explorers. At the same time they also want to share their adventures with friends, families and the rest of the world, from the moment they start planning the trips, through to the completion of their adventures. With the new portal Voyage Manager provides both these services in an innovative way.

The portal provides a fast and easy-to-use platform for travellers to create a personalised exhibition of their adventures. Each expedition may contain live GPS tracking, participant profiles, blogs, photos as well as integrated Twitter feeds.

Explorers and expeditions may hire tracking devices from Voyage Manager through the portal. Voyage Manager offers GSM and satellite based trackers as well as satellite phones, providing solutions that are suitable for any situation in any location. The portal will shortly be providing a free tracking alternative in the form of a smartphone tracking app.

We have provided support, advice and advanced tracking, to numerous expeditions and lone travellers to date. What we are doing now is taking it one step further by combining all our knowledge and creating an easy to use personalized portal. We plan to make the portal a dynamic go-to site where explorers can find useful advice and communicate with other adventurers. Future developments and enhancements will be done with feedback from our users.

“Safety and security has always been the primary reason for expedition tracking. These days it is almost as important for explorers to share their adventures with friends, loved ones and the rest of the world. The huge advances in technology over the last few years has made this possible for any adventurer, not just the high profile explorers we see on TV. Some of our tracking devices support text messaging as well as Twitter and Facebook integration. Live status updates on Facebook and Twitter is now possible from anywhere in the world, so I am sure that this service will be well received,” said Daniel Gallaher, COO of Voyage Manager.

1. April 2015 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Announces Anonymous Travel Tracker

1. April 2015 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager announces an anonymous travel tracker to meet the privacy concerns travellers may have.

Today at Voyage Manager we have just started work on a new product, a new travel tracker that will address the concerns many travellers have about privacy. We’re creating an anonymous travel tracker!

Tracking travellers is becoming more and more common, as the recent article by Buying Business Travel shows. Companies large and small are investing increasing amounts of money into travel management, and there is a long list of reasons why they should. Companies have a legal duty of care to look after their employees while they are travelling on company business, especially in parts of the world where kidnapping is a real issue. It doesn’t stop there though. Tracking all travel allows a company to monitor and enforce policies, preventing too many employees from being on the same flight, as well as enabling the company to negotiate bulk discounts on tickets and travel insurance. In short, big companies do better when they know where their employees are.

Privacy is however a major concern. The Bundesdatenschutzgesetz is a German privacy law that shows just how seriously the German’s take their privacy. In Germany this is a very sore issue for historical reasons.

It is for these reasons that we’ve decided to start building an anonymous travel tracker. Our new project will track the exact location of every traveller within a company, but will do so without knowing who they are, who they work for, or where they are going.

We will use a variety of data gathering techniques to do this. We have set up a reporting system that for each major transit point in the world (airports, train stations, docks etc.), will inform us that an unknown number of travellers have passed though, while keeping it secret, even from us, the location that is reporting this information.

Our mobile phone app will report back, taking care to hide any identifiable details (such as your phone number or EMEI number) that it you are safe, while withholding your GPS coordinates. We’ve even taken advantage of this feature to reduce the power consumption of our mobile apps.

And the final part of the puzzle is our customised tracking devices. Small electronics devices designed for travellers to carry with them on their travels which routinely report back to us the message that “someone was somewhere”. These devices are so effective that they even work when the traveller leaves them at home, allowing the traveller’s employer to save money on baggage costs.

“This is a really freaking awesome idea!” says Voyage Manager CEO, John Scott. “For a long time there has been a tension between the tracking needs of our customers, and the privacy needs of their employees. So I ordered the development on our latest flagship project. The ATT or Anonymous Travel Tracker!"

Development on this project is just getting started, so make sure you get in touch with us if you want more details, or to find out more as we progress with development.

2. February 2015 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager And Travelport Forge Closer Ties

2. February 2015 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager integrates with Travelport Universal API as its joins the Travelport Developer Network.

UK based technology company Voyage Manager, which offers a fully automated global travel and security management system, has today announced it has joined Travelport’s Developer Network. Travelport is a leading Travel Commerce Platform providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the $7 trillion global travel and tourism industry. Its Developer Network underpins Travelport’s Open Platform strategy and provides a framework to allow third party developers to build and create innovative, next generation travel tools and solutions.

Voyage Manager, as the first automated travel tracking company in the world, will be able to showcase its duty of care services to Travelport’s customers, including corporate travel buyers and will have access to market intelligence and a developer forum that will enhance its product offering. It has also integrated with the Travelport Universal API which will provide it with access to Travelport’s unrivalled travel content and services.

Kathy Hodges, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances Manager EMEA, Travelport said: “We are delighted to be able to offer Voyage Manager and their advanced travel tracking and travel risk management services to our corporate travel partners as a duty of care provider. Voyage Manager’s solution is integrated to Travelport point-of-sale platforms via The Travelport Developer Network.”

John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager said: “The Universal API gives us fast and reliable access to travel bookings, which will make our travel tracker even more accurate. A big challenge for travel managers is to know where employees are who have not booked through the company’s designated travel management company. The fact that bookings made with a number of low cost carriers, such as Ryanair and EasyJet are available through the Travelport Universal API is particularly attractive for us, as we then capture more of these travellers.”

18. December 2014 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Launches Next Generation Travel Tracker

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Leading travel tracking provider Voyage Manager releases the next generation travel tracker.

Voyage Manager has released a new, intuitive user interface for its travel tracker. The new user interface incorporates a real time overview of where travellers are, travel alerts, country risk profiles and traveller information into one state-of-the-art map view. The user interface uses responsive design and HTML5, and can be viewed on any device; tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. It uses Google’s latest material design; making it not just leading edge, but bleeding edge.

John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager said: “The new user interface is visually very attractive, responsive and easy to use, and it represents what websites will look like tomorrow. The included features have been selected based on what the majority of our clients use most frequently.

The current and the new user interface will work side by side. Both user interfaces will use the same accurate and high quality data as previously, but while the current user interface will have greater room for customization to individual clients’ requests, the new interface will meet the majority’s needs. Voyage Manager is reaching more and more customers, and each customer has different preferences. We are now equipped to meet any client’s needs.”

During the process of developing the user interface, Voyage Manager has worked closely with clients and users. The feedback on the new user interface has been fantastic. A security expert at a leading consultancy firm said: “It’s very true that in an emergency, when you need traveller information and incident intelligence instantly, you will not necessarily be at your desk or even near a laptop. The new user interface from Voyage Manager is quite simply the most flexible and intuitive system currently on the market, allowing a security manager to access critical information when it’s needed most."

Debra McCabe, director of tracking services at Northcott Global Solutions, commented: “The new user interface is a big leap forward in the travel tracking market. This is the best user interface we have seen, and we cannot wait to start using it ourselves and to show it to our clients. The combination of rock solid data, the classic interface and the new user interface clearly makes Voyage Manager’s travel tracker the market leader and it meets any need tomorrow’s security manager and travel coordinators might have.”

10. December 2014 12:00
by John

Kuoni Travel goes live with Voyage Manager for its corporate clients

10. December 2014 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Leading global travel management company Kuoni Travel has gone live with market leading travel tracker, Voyage Manager, to its corporate clients.

Voyage Manager is proud to announce that Kuoni Travel has chosen Voyage Manager as the provider of travel tracking for more than 200 of its corporate customers. Kuoni will offer Voyage Manager’s standard travel tracker free of charge for a six months’ trial period. During this period the clients will be given the opportunity to also try additional features such as travel alerts, pre trip country profiles and country profile library, as well as the confidential travel vault.

Mr. Serge Bacher of Kuoni Travel said that “Kuoni Travel is always working to create the best possible experience for our customers and their travellers. Voyage Manager’s travel tracker will provide additional security on journeys and make it easier to manage travellers, and fits perfectly with the rest of our product portfolio and the strategy of Kuoni Travel. Offering a travel tracker free of charge is a new way of offering services, and is possible thanks to the flexibility of Voyage Manager’s platform.”

“We are excited that Kuoni Travel has chosen Voyage Manager as the provider of travel tracking to their corporate clients. We are confident that our versatile and advanced system will be well received and add value to Kuoni’s clients”, said John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager.

30. September 2014 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager CO2 Emission Monitor Revamped

30. September 2014 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager has revamped its CO2 emission monitoring, taking it to the next level.

In response to the EU Emissions Trading System, the WBCSD WRI Greenhouse Gas 2004 Protocol and DEFRA’s Environmental Reporting Guidelines, more and more companies are now reporting their carbon footprint. A number of companies are legally required to monitor and report the carbon footprint. Other companies and organizations are reporting their emissions and footprint as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. It is also expected that new regulations will be passed that will require more businesses to monitor their CO2 emissions. According to the DEFRA Guidelines, CO2 monitoring should include keeping track of the CO2 emissions resulting from employee travel.

One of the features of Voyage Manager’s advanced travel management system is a CO2 emission monitor. This feature automatically calculates travellers’ carbon footprint based the distance and method of travel, and provides reports to the employer of CO2 emissions, which can be used directly carbon footprint reports. Voyage Manager has now revamped the CO2 emission monitor feature to increase its user friendliness, accuracy and the level of detail in the reports.

Voyage Manager’s CEO, John Scott, says “We have had CO2 emission monitoring as part of our system for a long time. Following increased demand from our clients and the new regulations that are likely to be passed, we have updated the feature to better meet clients’ needs.”

10. September 2014 12:00
by John

Another Education Institution Becomes Customer Of Voyage Manager

10. September 2014 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

University of Aberdeen has signed up as customer of Voyage Manager and will start using the Voyage Manager travel management solution immediately for a team of employees who traveller as part of their job.

Mr Dominic Milne, Deputy Head of the International Office, at the University of Aberdeen, comments:
“We have a team who travel extensively overseas and as recent events have sadly shown major incidents, such as terrorism or natural disaster, can and do occur suddenly. We are very mindful of our duty of care, and should the worst happen, we need to be in a position to respond quickly. We wished to establish a more robust and reliable method of being able to monitor where our staff may be at any given time, and the excellent Voyage Manager system allows us to achieve this.”

Voyage Manager’s CEO, John Scott, comments: “University of Aberdeen is the lastest of a number of educational intuitions that have started using our system. The universities are interesting as customers because travelling is not their core business and consequently they have relatively limited resources to provide adequate follow-up of their travellers. Our system with a simple user interface for both the employee and the employer in combination with our wide range of functions meet a need for also this type of businesses.”

14. May 2013 12:00
by John

Voyage Manager Appoints Silver Curve As A Development Partner

14. May 2013 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager, the leading provider of automated travel tracking and security solutions, has appointed Silver Curve as a software development partner.

Voyage Manager has appointed Silver Curve as a strategic software development and support partner. Silver Curve will provide Voyage Manager with technical capabilities as and when Voyage Manager requires additional resources. The use of Silver Curve’s highly skilled staff will ensure that Voyage Manager’s high standards continue to be met.

Voyage Manager CEO, John Scott, said “This partnership enables our development teams to concentrate their efforts on our long term roadmap, while Silver Curve will assist as required on short term projects and system support.”