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24. November 2016 14:38
by Kim

Voyage Manager adds real time travel tracking via card transactions and expense receipts

24. November 2016 14:38 by Kim | 0 Comments


We have added real time location tracking using expense receipts and card transactions. This means that we will be able to track travelers not just from travel bookings, check-ins and GPS data but also from the spending trail travellers leave during their trips. 

The moment a traveler makes a purchase using their card or they enter their expense into Voyage Expense (through the expense app, website or emailed receipt) Voyage Manager's travel tracker can automatically add the location of the transaction into the traveler's location trail. This further enhances our travel tracker, giving us additional information about where a traveler is and has been. 

Since the start of Voyage Manager we have provided travel tracking based on data from more sources than any other tracking platform. Our feeds include but are not limited to TMC (travel agency) bookings through GDSs, direct feeds from TMCs, email forwarding through TripIt and WorldMate, direct trip entry through apps and website, SMS, GPS, phone location and check ins. With expense receipts and card transactions we continue to innovate and provide the best and most accurate and flexible tracking platform on the market. 



15. November 2016 16:08
by Kim

Credit card transactions from Yodlee

15. November 2016 16:08 by Kim | 0 Comments

We have implemented integration with the Envestnet | Yodlee Aggregation API. When we go live with the API, Voyage Expense will be able to fetch credit card transactions from major banks and credit card providers. Envestnet | Yodlee is the leading data aggregation and data analytics platform for financial data – delivering secure, user-permissioned access to over 15,500 data sources.

The Envestnet | Yodlee integration will allow all transactions made through users' accounts and cards to feed directly into our expense, tax and security platforms. This makes managing travel expenses significantly faster and easier, and provides a new level of tax and security monitoring. 

When used with the Voyage Manager tracking platform, Voyage Expense can monitor and alert of card fraud more accurately than any other fraud detection system.

25. October 2016 12:38
by John

Voyage Expense integrates with Monzo card

25. October 2016 12:38 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager has integrated with fintech startup Monzo Bank. Monzo is a new generation of bank, which only exists online, on your smartphone. 

The Voyage Expense integration allows all transactions made on user's Monzo cards to feed directly into the Voyage Expense platform in real time. With real time transaction processing Voyage Expense and Voyage Manager provide a new level of tax and security monitoring as well as expense management. 

When used with the Voyage Manager tracking platform, Voyage Expense can monitor and alert of card fraud more accurately than any other fraud detection system. 



29. September 2016 01:34
by John

Cambridge startup Mia Bazo integrates with Voyage Manager API

29. September 2016 01:34 by John | 0 Comments

Cambridge based startup Mia Bazo has entered a partnership with Voyage Manager to use the Voyage Manager API. Mia Bazo's first product is a Travel Safe, a document vault where companies can store passports, visas and other important travel documents. Travel Safe makes it easy to manage documents, notifying travelers and coordinators when documents are about to expire, ensuring that travel is not disrupted. The travel safe app will allow travelers to carry electronic versions of their documents with them, leaving the documents at the hotel, reducing the chance of theft or lost documents. 

Travel Safe is the first of a suite of tools aimed at assisting travelers and companies, it's your travel angel. For more information about Mia Bazo go to


28. September 2016 12:00
by John

World's first travel tracking API

28. September 2016 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager has pushed the travel tracking space to new heights with the introduction of the VM API. The API or application programming interface allows users and clients to interact directly with their Voyage Manager data through their own applications. Voyage Manager partners can develop their own mobile apps, services and tools using information and service from the award winning travel tracking platform. 

The VM API provides access to alert, country guides, documents, tracking and tax information. 

Clients have been crying out for a travel tracking API, with partners such as TASC24 and Northcott Global Solutions, integrating with the API the moment it was released. 

Voyage Manager CEO John Scott says "This is a great step forward in the world of tracking, allowing partners, customers and anyone else to develop new apps and services using our platform. "




27. September 2016 15:45
by John

Travel data analytics with Voyage Analytics

27. September 2016 15:45 by John | 0 Comments

One of the by-products of Travel Tracking is large amounts of travel data. Apart from keeping employees safe and providing tax and immigration advice the data can also be used for travel analytics. There is a lot of untapped value stored in travel data. Voyage Analytics enables you to unlock this potential; reducing costs and improving business efficiency.

23. September 2016 13:00
by John

Blog replaces news section

23. September 2016 13:00 by John | 0 Comments

We have moved away from the new section on the Voyage Manager website, to a new blog. The blog will allow us to provide more regular updates on what we are doing here at Voyage Manager. 

9. August 2016 12:00
by John

Travel Tracking Has A Facelift.

9. August 2016 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager – the world’s most advanced travel tracking platform has had a facelift, making it more versatile and user friendly.

Observant users who have accessed Voyage Manager’s public pages will have noticed that the website got a new look and feel back in 2015. The new look is responsive, designed to look and work well on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

We have now implemented the same slick user experience throughout the whole Voyage Manager platform. This allows administrators and travellers to easily access their Voyage Manager accounts from anywhere, on any device.

John Scott, the director of Voyage Manager, said, “We believe that users need to have access at any time from any location. Incidents can happen at any time and it needs to be quick and easy for users to get information wherever they are, be it at a restaurant, in bed or at an airport."

1. April 2016 12:00
by John

Embedded travel tracking announced with ground-breaking day to day functionality.

1. April 2016 12:00 by John | 0 Comments

Voyage Manager has announced today a huge leap forward in active travel tracking – embedded functionality.

Embedded functionality allows not only travel tracking of an individual anywhere, any time, and without the need for a phone or specialised device, but also boasts a host of other features guaranteed to simplify the day to day transactions that we all have to deal with in a modern society.

With one small implanted device that is run indefinitely off the energy of the cells that surround it, Voyage Manager is presenting a new vision for the future and the safety of travellers at home or abroad. Creating an electromagnetically charged ‘bubble’ around the carrier, the new VM embedded technology is not only accurate to three meters when trying to locate the subject, but it also doubles as a replacement for many other touch sensitive devices.

No longer will you need a contactless payment card to make a purchase or an Oyster card to travel on the London tube and train network. Security passes at offices will be obsolete. Voyage Manger’s embedded functionality replaces all of these cards or requirements and opens a new, barrier-free world to each user, in which their mere presence is enough. Programmed to react in the same way that a touch-based card would, the embedded technology removes the need for the plethora of cards and passes that are used in today’s corporate jungle. Certain versions are even car responsive – providing the same functions as a keyless car fob to the driver, lowering the possibility of theft.

A survey conducted by Voyage Manager recently concluded that people are much more open to constant tracking, with the recently increased levels of global threat and the added functionality that Voyage Manager’s embedded tracking can provide. Companies can easily roll out this new technology and will see a drastically increased level of safety they can provide for their staff, before the other benefits are even considered. It is therefore only a matter of time before embedded tracking is rolled out on a global scale for companies and individuals alike.

Voyage Manager CEO and founder John Scott had this to say about the new development: “Embedded tracking is something that we have been working on for some time. But it is only recently that we felt that the world was ready for it. The increased awareness of traveller safety combined with the payment and ease of passage properties of embedded tracking guarantee that this is a functional and life-changing development for anyone who decides to partake of it. We are delighted that Voyage Manager has been able to bring this to the world.”