Voyage Manager Offers A Suite of Sophisticated Trip Management Tools

Our tools make group travel and crew changes a breeze. The system tracks groups of travellers as they converge on their destination, and flags any delays or other incidents. It also handles the rostering challenges associated with crew changes. The Intelligent Digital Vault safeguards essential documents, while the expense tool captures individual expenses to simplify reporting.

Discover the core components

There are five core components to Voyage Manager's trip management tools, which complement our industry-leading travel tracker, and tax and immigration compliance tools.

Group Travel

Create custom groups of travellers

Tagging System

Uses tags to group travellers and traveller attributes

Intelligent Digital Vault

Stores and manages encrypted copies of key travel documents

Group Travel

Voyage Manager's group travel management system lets you create custom groups of travellers and track their progress in real time during a trip. You can see at a glance how far they have gone as they converge on their destination. The tool highlights delays and other issues that may affect individual group members, helping you to ward off problems that would otherwise risk derailing the whole trip.

Crew Change Management

Voyage Manager provides dedicated tools for managing crew changes, including planning rosters, ensuring compliance, checking documentation, and monitoring crew as they travel to their destination. It takes your internal criteria into consideration to ensure that all crew rosters meet your specific requirements..

Tagging System

Voyage Manager has a flexible tagging system that allows travellers to be grouped together in infinite ways for tracking and reporting purposes. Tags can be used to give individual decision-makers access to the exact information they need, with different views available to different roles. These granular levels of permission make it easy to maintain high privacy standards.

Intelligent Digital Vault

The Voyage Manager digital vault stores encrypted copies of passports, visas, vaccinations and other key travel documents. It tracks expiry dates, and ensures immigration compliance.

Expense Capture

Voyage Manager helps users keep track of their travel expenses. Uploaded receipts sync automatically with the system, while the location data they provide can be harnessed to enhance Voyage Manager's travel tracking capabilities.

Take control of your travel management with our group travel, crew change management, flexible tagging, secure document storage and expense tracking tools. To see how we can optimise your business travel, request a demo today.

Customer love

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“Having a system in place that we can trust allows us to monitor our crew. Voyage Manager contributed to us building our credibility and reputation as a company.”
Steinar Fjeldbo
Fugro Geoteam
“We want to be the absolute industry leaders by having the system in place to maintain and monitor the safety and security of our staff. Voyage Manager allows us to do that.”
Dominic Milne
University of Aberdeen
“We needed a partner that would stay up to speed with safe global travel, its risk, health and security requirements. Voyage Manager gave us what we needed; it’s making our life easier.”
Debra McCabe

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