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Do you use check calls to ensure your staff are safe?

Check calls are a common tool used by companies to ensure that their staff are safe. Staff members are asked to call a security manager or operations room at certain times each day. Failure to make the check call activates the standard operating procedures, which may involve calling the traveller, initiating a search etc.

Check Calls are a costly and tedious way of ensuring that your travellers are safe. Travellers have to add their check call times to their diaries, they have to remember to make the calls at the correct times, and the calls can cost a significant amount of money. Automated check in, or Pulse, solves all of these problems.


From the moment a trip starts, until the trip ends Pulse monitors the travelers safety. Unlike check calls there is no need to add reminders to a calendar or coordinate with the monitoring team, as the system does the scheduling automatically.

Once a day, during the trip, Pulse sends a check in request to the traveller to confirm that they are OK. The message is sent using multiple channels of communication (SMS, email and / or automated voice call) to ensure that the message is received by the traveller. The traveller will have a set amount of time to confirm back that everything is OK.

If a traveller does not notify within the set time period a check-in failure is activated and relevant parties are notified. It is only at this point that the security manager or operations room are notified. This reduces the cost and burden on the support team as well as the traveller.

If the traveller has short layovers throughout a journey the system will delay the check ins until there is a more convenient time to request the check ins. The system also takes into account the local time of the traveller, ensuring that the requests are only sent at convenient times, not in the middle of the night.



Automated check ins are far more cost effective than check calls. They take less time out of the travellers' and support teams' schedules and incur lower direct costs.

Whereas check calls often incur expensive international roaming calls, check ins only cost the price of an email or SMS, as in cents rather than dollars. As a one off the cost a a check call may not seem high, with a lot of travellers doing a lot of check calls, the costs can easily spiral.

The security or support team only needs to take action if a traveller fails to respond to the automated check in requests. This reduces the resourcing requirements on the support side, hence reducing costs.

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How Voyage Manager Can Help You

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