Customer Story: Fugro Geoteam

  • Marine geophysical specialist sends staff on global oil and gas exploration jobs
  • Voyage Manager has transformed the way it manages staff travel
  • Clear day-to-day processes and emergency protocol have enhanced its credibility
  • Operational efficiencies enabled Fugro-Geoteam to get ahead of industry standards

Keeping staff safe across land and sea

Marine seismic data specialists, Fugro-Geoteam (now a part of CCG), sends industry experts all over the world to gather data from the sea floor in the search for oil and gas resources.

With sixty crew members, thirty of whom are onboard its vessels at any point in time, Voyage Manager knew that an active travel tracking system would help the company monitor global staff movements and improve operations.

“We knew a travel tracking system would save us hassle, time, and unnecessary worries for the families of the crew members” explains Steinar Fjeldbo, former Vice President Operations at Fugro-Geoteam. “We were glad when Voyage Manager’s team approached us.”

Transforming business travel transparency

Fugro wanted to make two significant improvements using the Voyage Manager platform.

Firstly, with staff constantly travelling between locations, it needed to keep colleagues and families up-to-date on their travel progress during each trip.

Secondly, it wanted to transform transparency around its key processes, as safety and environmental issues are highly scrutinised in the oil and gas industry. This included a clear procedure for dealing with major incidents.

“The Voyage Manager team knew our company’s problems, and brought a caring attitude to our business,” Steinar shares. “We found it very easy to implement Voyage Manager; the system has a very intuitive user interface, and is so simple to use. We didn’t need a course in order to learn it.”

Increasing efficiency and industry credibility

“Voyage Manager has contributed to us building our credibility and reputation as a company,” Steinar says. “The platform has allowed us to be ahead of the game in both dangerous situations and small easy tasks, such as delayed flights.”

Using Voyage Manager, Fugro staff have enhanced the way they operate, as they can now:

  • Give every team member access to personal travel itineraries via their smartphone
  • Automatically create and submit essential work documentation
  • Easily share relevant travel data across the business

In fact, Voyage Manager has opened up a new communication channel throughout the company, allowing Fugro personnel to better fulfil their individual goals.

“The biggest fans of Voyage Manager were the health, safety and environment department and our crewing manager,” Steinar concludes. “Employees like to be protected and feel safe on the job, but are relieved knowing that they are untracked during personal time."

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