April 24, 2019

Voyage Immigration Goes Live

Voyage Immigration Goes Live

Voyage Manager releases the Voyage Immigration service. Voyage Immigration helps companies and individuals comply with international immigration rules. The service monitors the number of days travellers spend in countries and visa regions, ensuring that travellers to not breach visa and immigration rules.

Breaching visa and immigration rules can have severe consequences, including large fines, deportation from a country or region, or denial of entry into a country or region. All of these outcomes are disruptive to travel and costly for the company and traveller.

Countries and visa regions are becoming stricter on visa and immigration violations, leading to travellers refusing to travel, due to the increased risk of denied entry.

Voyage Immigration consists of the web portal, Immigration smartphone app and notification services.

Web Portal

The new Immigration module allows administrators to get an overview of pending immigration issues, as well as drill down into any traveller's visa and immigration profile. Administrators can see the number of days spent in any country or visa area, which visas travellers have and how long they have left on the visas. They can also view the data trail of where travellers have been and which days they have been in each jurisdiction.

Through the My Travel module travellers can their immigration details, in the same way as administrators can. Travellers can also verify that the data stored in the system is accurate and correct.

Immigration App

The Immigration app is available for Android and iOS based smartphones. The apps synchronize with the portal, giving travellers a complete overview of their days in country and region. The home page on the apps displays their current country or visa area, their residency status and the number of days left until they will occur a breach. The Overview screen provides a breakdown of days in all areas, with details on the visa rules. The calendar shows the location of the traveller on each day, and the passport view shows the details of all of the traveller's passports.

Download the Immigration app from the app stores.

Notification Service

The notification service notifies travellers and administrators by email when travellers approach and when they breach immigration rules.

For more information on Voyage Immigration go to the Immigration section on the Voyage Manager .

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