March 2, 2016

Voyage Manager Is Now A Multilingual Platform

Voyage Manager Is Now A Multilingual Platform

Voyage Manager – a highly versatile travel tracking, reporting, and monitoring system – is building on its reputation as the most customisable travel tracking software available by announcing today that the platform is now available in Japanese.

With the introduction of a fully Japanese platform, other languages are sure to follow, enabling a truly global appeal to the product and all of its services. Alerts and messages are already available in translation to over 40 different dialects, but until now, the platform itself has only been available in English.

John Scott, the director of Voyage Manager, said today, “We believe that businesses want the opportunity to work in their native languages. Our clients travel all over the world with our system, so it is only logical that they should be able to use the language of their choice when interacting with it as well.”

Voyage Manager’s new Japanese platform is currently available for hosted or in-house travel management solutions for companies of any size.

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