April 30, 2015

Voyage Manager Expands Expedition Tracking Service

Voyage Manager Expands Expedition Tracking Service

Following frequent requests from solo travellers, explorers and expeditions to provide tracking, Voyage Manager has launched the expedition tracking portal

Safety and security is a key concern for most travellers and explorers. At the same time they also want to share their adventures with friends, families and the rest of the world, from the moment they start planning the trips, through to the completion of their adventures. With the new portal Voyage Manager provides both these services in an innovative way.

The portal provides a fast and easy-to-use platform for travellers to create a personalised exhibition of their adventures. Each expedition may contain live GPS tracking, participant profiles, blogs, photos as well as integrated Twitter feeds.

Explorers and expeditions may hire tracking devices from Voyage Manager through the portal. Voyage Manager offers GSM and satellite based trackers as well as satellite phones, providing solutions that are suitable for any situation in any location. The portal will shortly be providing a free tracking alternative in the form of a smartphone tracking app.

We have provided support, advice and advanced tracking, to numerous expeditions and lone travellers to date. What we are doing now is taking it one step further by combining all our knowledge and creating an easy to use personalized portal. We plan to make the portal a dynamic go-to site where explorers can find useful advice and communicate with other adventurers. Future developments and enhancements will be done with feedback from our users.

“Safety and security has always been the primary reason for expedition tracking. These days it is almost as important for explorers to share their adventures with friends, loved ones and the rest of the world. The huge advances in technology over the last few years has made this possible for any adventurer, not just the high profile explorers we see on TV. Some of our tracking devices support text messaging as well as Twitter and Facebook integration. Live status updates on Facebook and Twitter is now possible from anywhere in the world, so I am sure that this service will be well received,” said Daniel Gallaher, COO of Voyage Manager.

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