December 18, 2014

Voyage Manager Launches Next Generation Travel Tracker

Voyage Manager Launches Next Generation Travel Tracker

Voyage Manager has released a new, intuitive user interface for its travel tracker. The new user interface incorporates a real time overview of where travellers are, travel alerts, country risk profiles and traveller information into one state-of-the-art map view. The user interface uses responsive design and HTML5, and can be viewed on any device; tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. It uses Google’s latest material design; making it not just leading edge, but bleeding edge.

John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager said: “The new user interface is visually very attractive, responsive and easy to use, and it represents what websites will look like tomorrow. The included features have been selected based on what the majority of our clients use most frequently.

The current and the new user interface will work side by side. Both user interfaces will use the same accurate and high quality data as previously, but while the current user interface will have greater room for customization to individual clients’ requests, the new interface will meet the majority’s needs. Voyage Manager is reaching more and more customers, and each customer has different preferences. We are now equipped to meet any client’s needs.”

During the process of developing the user interface, Voyage Manager has worked closely with clients and users. The feedback on the new user interface has been fantastic. A security expert at a leading consultancy firm said: “It’s very true that in an emergency, when you need traveller information and incident intelligence instantly, you will not necessarily be at your desk or even near a laptop. The new user interface from Voyage Manager is quite simply the most flexible and intuitive system currently on the market, allowing a security manager to access critical information when it’s needed most."

Debra McCabe, director of tracking services at Northcott Global Solutions, commented: “The new user interface is a big leap forward in the travel tracking market. This is the best user interface we have seen, and we cannot wait to start using it ourselves and to show it to our clients. The combination of rock solid data, the classic interface and the new user interface clearly makes Voyage Manager’s travel tracker the market leader and it meets any need tomorrow’s security manager and travel coordinators might have.”

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