November 6, 2012

Crewing Added To Voyage Manager

Crewing Added To Voyage Manager

Voyage manager Ltd, a technology company that specializes in travel security and tracking solutions, has recently announced the release of its crew management module, VM Crewing.

VM Crewing allows organizations to manage and monitor all aspects of crewing; from crew changes and rosters, to travel, training and compliance.

When crew managers plan new crew changes, VM Crewing will automatically recommend which crew members to associate with the crew change. This is done using on the roster of the latest crew changes. In order to ensure that all crew members have appropriate travel arrangements the system combines travel data from VM Travel Tracker with the existing crewing data, making it possible to flag any travellers who may be missing travel details.

It is common for companies to require a minimum number of specialist crew members within each department to be on board at any one time. To ensure that the current and embarking crews meet these requirements VM Crewing alerts managers and coordinators when the conditions are not met.

Maritime crews often travel to and from remote locations when embarking and disembarking vessels or installations. Having valid passports, visas, vaccinations when travelling and current training when working on-board is therefore essential. VM Crewing monitors all vital documentation to ensure that all crew members are eligible to travel and work, while providing early warning to ensure that problems do not arise during or immediately prior to travelling or while on-board.

Although VM Crewing was initially designed for maritime crews it can easily be adapted for use in connection with on and offshore oil installations, mining and other land based operations and so on.

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