June 13, 2012

Voyage Manager Announces Parthership With Oysta

Voyage Manager Announces Parthership With Oysta

Voyage manager Ltd, a technology company that specializes in travel monitoring and tracking solutions, has recently announced its partnership with Oysta; a company that provides location tracking of GPS based tracking devices, as well Android, Blackberry and iOS based smartphones. The partnership allows Voyage Manager to track any Oysta device, increasing the company’s portfolio of GPS tracking solutions to unparalleled levels.

Voyage Manager is the leading company in the travel technology industry, and is the only company to provide completely automated travel tracking. “This partnership moves VM Travel Tracker and VM Locate to a new level. Combined with our existing tracking features Voyage Manager now supports more tracking devices and phones than any other company in the industry.” says John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager. According to Voyage Manager, the company is the only travel management company to incorporate phone tracking into their travel tracking solution.

Voyage Manager has developed the VM Travel Tracker and Safety Suite, a global travel management system that incorporates a travel tracker, a device tracker, an alert system and a sign of life service. Combining these services with Oysta, the company is setting new standards for companies that need to know where their staff are.

The Voyage Manager suite is the only product on the market that can be fully automated, reducing human interaction. This provides a complete, accurate and timely overview of employees’ travel plans and progress, and enables employers and security personnel to act quickly in an emergency.

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