May 15, 2012

Voyage Manager Integrates With AST

Voyage Manager Integrates With AST

Voyage Manager Ltd. has partnered with global satellite communications company, Applied Satellite Technology Ltd (AST Ltd), in order to provide Voyage Manager with access to Iridium as well as other major satellite communication platforms.

With its move into device and location tracking, Voyage Manager has partnered with Applied Satellite Technology Ltd (AST) as its supplier of Iridium based technologies and services. Using Iridium based tracking devices Voyage Manager can provide customers and travellers with GPS tracking in any location in the world, from the middle of the Sahara desert to the remote jungles of Asia and South America.

The integration of Iridium based device tracking with the Voyage Manager services enables VM Travel Tracker to automatically track travellers without any user interaction, making VM Travel Tracker the first completely automated travel tracker on the market.

VM Locate, Voyage Manager’s device tracking service uses the Iridium based tracking as a key component in its device tracking suite that includes mobile phone tracking and GSM/GPRS based device tracking.

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