May 1, 2012

Integration with Iridium

Integration with Iridium

Voyage Manager Ltd. has teamed up with the operator of the world’s furthest-reaching communications network, Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: IRDM), to enable travellers and other customers with its GPS tracking service, “VM Travel Tracker,” to have vital, global coverage anywhere on Earth, from pole-to-pole, from the middle of the Sahara desert to the remote jungles of Asia and South America.

With its move into device and location tracking, Voyage Manager offers Iridium®-based tracking devices designed and built through the Iridium partner ecosystem. Voyage Manager integrates VM Travel Tracker with these Iridium-based devices to automatically track travellers without any user interaction, making VM Travel Tracker the only completely automated travel tracking systems on the market.

“VM Locate” Voyage Manager’s device tracking service, uses the Iridium network as a key component in its device tracking suite that includes mobile phone tracking and GSM/GPRS-based device tracking.

Some Iridium-based tracking devices incorporate emergency buttons which can be activated in the case of an emergency. When travellers activate these two-way emergency services, Voyage Manager’s emergency response is automatically activated, which includes notifying the traveller’s emergency response contacts.

“This partnership enables Voyage Manager to provide unparalleled services to its global clients, ensuring that travellers are safe anywhere in the world” said John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager.

“Iridium is proud to be the only global catalyst for such innovative partner services,” said Greg Ewert, executive vice president, global channel distribution and business development, Iridium. “These solutions are critical for making travel safer, more efficient and less of a remote experience for people and assets needing to stay in touch with home base.”

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