April 24, 2012

Voyage Manager Integrates With Twilio For Improved Reach

Voyage Manager Integrates With Twilio For Improved Reach

Using cloud based voice service Twilio, Voyage Manager has become the first travel monitoring and tracking service to incorporate automated speech technology into its solutions.

Voyage Manager has pushed travel tracking to a new level with the integration of the VM suite with Twilio’s cloud based telephony services. With the new features Voyage Manager can automatically call travellers and key support personnel in order to notify them of any events, incidents or problems. The calls can also be used to request travel status updates from travellers, removing the need for travellers to proactively contact Voyage Manager.

As part of the new voice services Voyage Manager has also enabled an automated dial-in service, where travellers and personnel can call in; to confirm arrival, check into the system or declare an emergency.

Unlike SMS and email based communication voice is real time, ensuring that those being called have the most current information available. Where time is critical and every second counts, this can be a life saver.

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