August 30, 2011

Business Travel Monitoring Leaps Forward With Voyage Manager

Business Travel Monitoring Leaps Forward With Voyage Manager

By adding its latest feature – a device tracking system - Voyage Manager has once again moved the world of travel management forward; becoming the only company who manages every step of the journey from itinerary management, to device tracking, to comprehensive data analysis tools within one product.

The new device tracking application can be used independently or as a part of a full installation of Voyage Manager, and like Voyage Manager is completely customisable. Incorporating HLR Lookup, Device Manager can now automatically tell which country or region a phone is in: eliminating the need for the traveller’s direct input and making the system even more automated and user friendly – increasing the data available whilst minimising the individual’s need for direct interaction with the system.

Adding a device tracker to its already comprehensive list of features makes Voyage Manger the most complete and all-encompassing travel management solution on the market and shows the drive towards innovation that has been at the heart of Voyage Manger since its inception.

But while other companies have stopped short, Voyage Manager is driven to push the boundaries of travel management and will continue to create new features and benefits. Plans are already in progress for the inclusion of new travel tracking technologies such as phone tracking using GPS, satellite device tracking and dedicated device tracking into the Voyage Manager framework; proving that Voyage Manager will continue to go above and beyond for its customers.

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