December 10, 2010

Voyage Manager Tracks Flights

Voyage Manager Tracks Flights

Voyage Manager, one of the world's most effective travel monitoring and security tools now includes real time flight tracking.

Voyage Manager has released a new version of its travel tracking and security service. The new version incorporates real time tracking of commercial flights, enabling increased automation of Voyage Manager’s already automated service.

Voyage Manager has previously implemented flight booking retrieval functionality that enables it to retrieve data from the major booking systems like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and travelport, as well as TripIt (the mobile trip management company).

Voyage Manager can automatically track travellers’ trips, with almost no user interaction. Voyage Manager can fetch the trips from the booking systems, and then automatically track the trips until they have been completed. This greatly reduce the time users spend maintaining their travel details, helping to reduce costs as well as decrease the occurrence of errors during the data entry process.

Other features released in the new version include:

  • flight schedule management
  • automated traveller safety check-in
  • enhanced delay management

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