Visa & Immigration Monitoring

Ensuring travellers comply with their visa and immigration restrictions

Visa Rules

The visa rules for countries are usually based on a maximum number of days within a certain period, or a maximum number of continuous days. In a few cases the rule may be a combination of both.

Breaching immigration visa rules can result in large fines, revocation of visas or potentially the denial of entry into a country. Countries are becoming stricter on visa breaches, leading to some travellers refusing to travel, at the risk be being denied entry or getting expelled from countries.

Cross platform immigration monitoring in Voyage Immigration by Voyage Manager

Immigration Visa Monitoring

Voyage Immigration automatically monitors the amount of time travellers spending in countries and regions.

Through the portal travellers and administrators can easily access the data they need. The portal shows the immigration data at different levels, from a quick overview of visas, passports and thresholds, down to a detailed view of the days spent in each jurisdiction and a complete trail of their locations.

Monitoring days in country and regions against visas and visa rules


Travellers and administrators are automatically notified as travellers approach and breach the restrictions in their visas. The notifications are sent by email or SMS.

Notification to travellers and administrators as travellers approach and breach visa rules


Using a combination of travel, location and expense data we provide you with a detailed audit trail of where your travellers have been. In the case of an audit you will have all the data you need at the click of a button.

Complete audit trail in case of an audit inspection

Immigration App

The Voyage Immigration app gives travellers instant access to their immigration data, including passports, visas and information about the number days they have spent and left in countries and regions.

Travellers can view and update their calendar, reason for travel and also verify the accuracy of the data.

The immigration app is available on iPhone and Android.

Android Play Store iTunes App Store
Voyage Immigration apps for iPhone and Android app


The Voyage Immigration API enables you to access your immigration data from your own software or apps. The API gives you access to read, write and manipulate your data stored within Voyage Manager.

API for accessing Voyage Immigration data for travellers and organizations.