Stay in touch with staff movements

Voyage Manager is the easy way to look after your workforce, wherever they are in the world.

Use our cutting-edge technology to manage every aspect of employee travel – from itinerary planning to checking-in with people along the way – to ensure safe arrival.

Travel tracking
View all employee travel data on one simple dashboard, or manage individual trips by mobile app.
Travel logistics
Manage security, immigration, tax and compliance to meet government and company policies.
Travel insights
Negotiate better rates and plan greener trips by measuring cost and environmental impact.







Co-ordinated through Voyage Manager’s travel tracking software

Benefits of travel tracking

Travel coordinators

  • See all company travel on one system, in real-time
  • Ask staff to check-in at key points on their journey to monitor their safety & wellbeing
  • Make sure you’re complying with tax & immigration rules and company travel policies
  • Monitor the business impact of staff travel to make environmentally-friendly changes

Team leaders & managers

  • Know your staff are safe and well from the moment they leave home, until they return
  • Manage all trip approvals and schedules online
  • Get instant alerts on security incidents, travel setbacks and changes
  • Check staff documents to ensure the validity of visas, passports and vaccinations

Travelling staff

  • Control all your trip requests and itineraries online and via mobile app
  • Tell colleagues and loved ones you’ve checked-in or reached your destination
  • Store and manage digital copies of your vital travel documents, check when they expire
  • Receive real time alerts about events that may affect your travel plans

Choose your Voyage Manager features

Use our entire system or start with a single feature.

The Voyage Manager platform is completely flexible, and access levels can be tailored for different users.

Travel tracking tools

Daily check-in
Locate your staff
Flight tracker
Travel tracker

Staff security tools

Security alert
Place information
Local incidents

Tax, immigration
& policy tools


Trip management tools

Travel data
Documents and itineraries
Country guides
Expense claims

Business & environmental
impact tools

Climate impact
Carbon footprint
Anonymised traveller data
Business travel analytics

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