Resource brings together a summary of all of the information about your travellers in one place. You can view travel and location information, as well as the traveller's events any comunications to and from the traveller. Resource also gives you access to training information as well as the traveller's travel vaults.

  • Issues

    Should your traveller have any unresolved issues, Resource will display them, giving you the opportunity to address them before resolving them. Issues include expired passports, visas and documents as well expired vaccinations and training.

  • Real Time Alerts

    You can view the last, current and next for your traveller in the traveller's resource profile. A link to the travel tracker gives you access to the traveller's other trips.

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    If your traveller has one or more tracking devices or smart phones Resource will display their latest location. For more information please go to the Locate module.

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    Travel Vault

    Each of your travellers has a personal travel vault where they can store important personal details as well as travel related documents. Personal detail are useful in the case of an emergency, whereas travel documents are always useful. Travel vault doesn't just store information, it also monitors the data. As a traveller's passport or vaccination is about to expire the travel vault will warn the traveller, ensuring that the person does not get caught out with expired documents or vaccinations.

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    When using active tracking Voyage Manager communicates with the traveller throughout the trips. You can view the communications, both inbound and outbound.

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    You can view any event associated with the traveller. Events include SOS, check in, GPS location change arrival confirmation and many more.


  • Traveller Details

    Traveller details shows you the current status of the traveller as well as any issues or problems linked to the traveller. Issues include expired passports, visas, training and vaccinations.

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  • Traveller Calls

    Resource brings together data on the traveller. This data includes events, travel data, location data as well as inbound and outbound calls.

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  • Travel Vault

    The travellers confidential travel vault can be accessed from resource, should you have permission to access the vault.

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