Global Incidents

Making it easier to manage global incidents

Global Incidents

Managing a global safety or security incident can be very stressful, as there are many moving parts and there is a lot to keep track of. Voyage Incident helps make the process easier by becoming a control centre for managing the event. Incident captures information about employees and travellers, and enables coordinate actions to be taken.

Making the management of global incidents easier

Central Repository

When an incident has occured it's important to identify anyone who might be affected by the event and make sure that they are safe. Incident makes it easy to aggregate all affected parties and manage the incident.

If there is an attack in London administrators can search for anyone who as based at a UK or London office, using the LONDON or UK office tag. They can also find travellers currently in the vicinity of the event as well as travellers will be arriving in the immediate to near future. Administrators can get a complete picture of the current status of each individual.

Manage incidents through a central repository and service


With affected travellers and employees collected in one place it's easy to get an complete overview of the situation. Administrators can send mass notifications to all parties at the click of a button. The notification could be a request for the people to check-in, or it could be instructions on what to do.

Notify affected travellers and employees at the click of a button

Traveller Management

Administrators can drill down into each traveller's profile. Within the profile they can do a check-in on behalf of the traveller, if the traveller has spoken to the administrator or coordinator. They can also get a summary of all recent successful and failed check-ins. They can also modify the status of the traveller to be accounted for, or safe. Travellers who are safe are considered to be permanently out of danger and administrators can allocate time to people who's situation is less secure.

Making it easy to manage travellers