Travel Tracking for TMCs

Providing Duty of Care to your clients

Travel Tracking - A Must Have

In order to stay competitive in the corporate travel market TMCs are providing additional services to complement their core services. Duty of care is an important part of the overall service TMCs provide, and a key part of duty of care is travel tracking. Developing and maintaining an in-house developed travel tracking solution is expensive and resource intensive.

This is where Voyage Manager comes in. We are a technology company specializing in travel tracking. Our solution is flexible and customizable and can be configured to meet your requirements, now and in the future.

Voyage Security

Our Services

The Voyage Manager consists of a number of services, centered around Travel Tracker. Our security offering has many features including travel tracking, automated daily check-in, real time alerts, destination guides, incident management and document management to name a few.

Other services we provide include tax and immigration monitoring, travel expense management, data analytics and travel vault.

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Voyage Manager's services

Service Plans

Depending on your requirements there are different Voyage Manager service plans available to you. You can either have travellers on our multi-tenanted environment, or you can have a dedicated Voyage Manager instance. Information on the service plans can be found at Service Plans.

We have TMCs running Voyage Manager in-house as well as multi-tenanted. One of the in-house TMC clients is Diversity Travel in the UK. Their environment is completely customized in terms of URL and website design. Check them out at Diversity Travel.

Diversity's Voyage Manager implementation