Travel Tracking for Security Companies

Travel Tracking - A Must Have

Any company in travel risk management must have a travel tracking solution. In order to provide the best possible service the solution should be a unified service that combines travel tracking, location tracking, real time alerts, travel advice and more, all in one place. Separate system for each or some of the services increases the chances of mistakes, increases delays and increases the work load on the operations teams.

Developing and maintaining an in-house travel tracking solution is expensive and resource intensive. Not only is there the cost of developing the system, but it also needs to be maintained, and upgraded as technologies change and improve.

Voyage Manager is the only company that specializes in travel tracking solutions and services. We have a unified tracking platform that is flexible and customizable and can be configured to meet your requirements, now and in the future.

Voyage Security

Our Services

Voyage consists of a number of services, centered around Travel Tracker, our travel tracking service. Our security solution has many features including travel tracking, automated daily check-in, real time alerts, destination guides, incident management and document management to name a few.

Other services we provide include tax and immigration monitoring, travel expense management, data analytics and travel vault.

Our platform is designed to be data agnostic, so we can work with any data source, whether it's travel data, intelligence data or country profile data.

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Voyage Manager's services

Service Plans

Depending on your requirements there are different Voyage Manager service plans available to you. You can either have travellers on our multi-tenanted environment, or you can have a dedicated Voyage Manager instance. Information on the service plans can be found at Service Plans.

We have a number security companies running Voyage Manager on dedicated platforms as well as multi-tenanted. One of our dedicated platform clients is Northcott Global Solutions (NGS). Their environment has been customized in terms of website address as well as portal layout. Our Voyage smartphone app is available as the NGS Travel app on the iTunes and Google Play stores. Check them out at Northcott Global Solutions.

Service plans

What our customers say...

Gareth Sephton, Head of Political Risk at response24 says "We have worked with Voyage Manager for several years now and they provide the platform for our travel risk app. The VM technology allows us to provide state-of-the-art tracking and trip management capabilities to our clients, alongside our own country risk and alert data. The app also connects our clients to the response24 alert centre, providing round-the-clock emergency assistance. In VM, we have found a highly-professional and reliable partner who we look forward to working with long into the future."

Testimonial from Gareth Sephton, Head of Political Risk at response24