Automated Travel Tracking

Travel tracking or itinerary tracking is the process of monitoring the movement of travellers. The systems that perform these services are generally referred to as travel trackers.

What are automated travel trackers

Automated travel trackers import itineraries from the booking engines or GDSs in the same way as conventional travel trackers do, but that is where the similarities end. They will then monitor the itineraries until the journeys have been completed, ensuring that the traveller has actually make the trip and arrive the destination. The automation is supported by large amounts of data, including mobile network data, GPS location data, real time flight tracking and incident data.

Why Use Automation

There are number of reasons why you would want to use an automated travel tracker rather than a passive travel tracker. Some of the benefits of using automation include:

  • * More accurate and complete tracking
  • * Reduced workload on support staff
  • * Minimal impact on the travellers
  • * Provides 24/7 unsupervised operations

How Voyage Manager Can Help You

VM Travel Tracker is the only active and automated travel tracker on the market, giving you a far more accurate picture of where your travellers actually are than any other travel tracker. All your traveller has to do is book the trip, have their tracker or phone with them and travel. We will do the rest.

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