Secure travel documents

Making travel documents secure, accessible and portable.

Travel Documents

Around 80 Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) are issued to British nationals around the world every day in the last year alone, over 28,000 in just one year. The cost of replacing a passport is about £200 or $250 and takes at least 3 business days, not taking into account personal time and cost as well as costs incurred by the company.

Official advice states that travellers should keep their passports locked in a safe, if one is accessible. When going out, travellers should leave the original document behind and take a copy with them. Travellers should also ensure that their passports are valid at the time of travel and also valid for 6 months after the travel.

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Any Document

Store and manage any type of document, including passports, visas, driving licenses and insurance documents. Vault stores scans or pictures of the the documents, as well as key information such as document ID, country, as well as valid from and valid to dates.

Support for any type of travel and non travel document, including passports, visas and insurance documents.


All documents in the the vault are stored securely in secure data centres with government grade security. The documents are stored encrypted on our servers, and all communications is secure, at every stage.

Access to documents on the portal is restricted to only people who have the right permissioning. Travellers can access their own documents through the portal or through the Voyage Vault apps. The apps require password or biometric authentication, preventing illicit access by unauthorized parties.

Documents are stored securely on devices and server.

Expiry Notification

Be notified as documents approach expiry. The notifications can be sent to travellers as well as support staff, and the triggering thresholds can be customized to your requirements.

Travellers and administrators are notified as documents expire and before expiry


The Voyage Vault app is available on iPhone and Android. Download and install from the app stores. Once installed and registered the app will synchronize with the Voyage Vault portal and make travellers' documents available from anywhere.

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