Data Analytics

Voyage Manager collects and processes your travel data that when analyzed correctly becomes very valuable information. VM Data Analytics analyses your data and gives your reports that can transform your company's travel.

Data Collection

We collect, store and analyze all of your travel data; from TMCs (travel agents) and GDSs (booking engines) as well as third party services like WorldMate and TripIt. We capture any data, from car rental to hotel bookings and rail travel to flights, ensuring a complete collection of all of your company's travel activities. As the data is potential stored indefinitely VM Analytics can show you reports over time, not just figure from the present.


VM Data Analytics slices and dices the travel information to generate valuable travel reports. Here are a few examples of how the analytics can help you.

You can get a breakdown of how many days were spent travelling, overall, by continent, country or state. The data can be for a month, year or multiple years. This allows you to provide accurate information to your insurance companies ensuring that you are only paying for what you use.

Having accurate information about how many flights you do on certain airlines or on specific routes gives you negotiation power with your travel provider and carriers. This may be reflected in lower prices or better benefits for the travellers. Using usage information is not restricted to air travel, but also extends to rail travel, car rental and accommodation as well. If your travellers stay at a number of different hotels in a city, the analytics reports may encourage you to consolidate to fewer hotels.