Data Aggregator

You may be booking your travel in many ways with many suppliers. Data Aggregator brings all of this data together in one place.


We collect travel data from all of the major TMCs (travel agents) and GDSs (booking systems), as well as integrating with services such as WorldMate and TripIt to ensure that we can capture all of your travel. Users can also manually enter trips using the websites, mobile apps and SMS. Once we have the data we process it and normalize it, ensuring that all of the data is stored in the same format and structure.


Once the travel data is on our systems you can access all of your travel data from just one website. We can also store the travel data indefinitely so that you you can access any historical trips you have made as well.


Your travel data can be exported to your own systems or a third party platform should you want to use the information outside of the VM platform. Data can be exported as XML files through our export screens or through our API.