Tax & Immigration

Companies face ever-increasing global and national tax compliance tracking and reporting obligations. We provide you with a powerful tax and residency monitoring solution which enables you to mitigate tax exposure by keeping track of exactly how long travelling employees spend in different countries and states.

Our solution creates an accurate picture of travel related tax exposure, and offers advance warning of approaching thresholds that could trigger tax or social security liabilities, or visa changes.

  • Tax


    Monitoring the number of days you and your travellers spend in states and countries as well as notifying you as you approach thresholds allows you to minimize any exposure you have to foreign and domestic tax liabilities. It also helps you plan which resources if any should be used on a trip...More...

  • Immigration


    Your passports and visas are monitored to ensure that you do not have any travel issues before and during your trips. Should you lose your documents you can easily download copies of these documents. When travelling internationally we can also advise you whether your trip requires a visa or not, and we can direct you to services that can assist you in getting the documents...More...

  • My Travel

    My Travel

    Through My Travel, you can manage your personal travel data. You can monitor how many days were spent in various states and countries and see how long until you pass tax and residency thresholds. You can also get a complete breakdown of which days were spent where, and manually override the calculated data... More...