Other Voyage Manager Services

As well as the main Voyage Manager service we also provide a number of other tracking services for other groups.

Track Basic

Built on the award winning Voyage Manager tracking platform, Track Basic is our easy-to-use self-service platform. You can be up and tracking within 5 minutes with our quick and easy tracking service. Track Basic is ideal for small and medium sized companies that want a simple, yet powerful travel tracker.

Expedition Tracker

Are you planning an expedition? If so why not share your expedition with the world through Expedition Tracker. Expedition Tracker uses Voyage Manager's tracking platform to help explorers track their adventures.

Gap Year Tracker

Are you adventurous and planning a gap year? Do you want to share the experience with your friends and family and have an memory for life? If so join us at Gap Year Tracker. Gap Year Tracker melds your social world together with our tracking to produce a memory for life. The