The Travel Cycle

How the travel & tracking cycle can work for you

Travel and Tracking Cycle

We are walking you through the various stages of the travel and tracking cycle, from trip planning and approval to trip execution.

The travel cycle implemented for your organization will depend on the features and services that you choose to subscribe to. Flexibility and customizability are core to our services and solutions, and we aim to create a process that fits around your business and risk requirements.

Voyage Security cross platform

Trip Approval & Compliance

Before travellers are allowed to book their travel they may be required to get trip approval. Our trip approval guides travellers through a trip approval wizard where they have to enter information about their proposed trip. This may be as simple as providing a list of the destination countries, through to a complex travel risk assessment with detailed questions. Depending on the your specific requirements the system can require all trips to be approved or only trips to certain countries.

Once a trip request has been submitted the relevant approvers are notified of the pending trip request. From the compliance module they can approve or decline the trip request, or request the traveller to provide more information.

Approver and compliance managers can also be notified of any potential breaches to the company's travel policy. As a company you may have rules about the number of travellers allowed on the same flight, or you may have restrictions on which airlines that can be used or which countries that can be travelled to.

Trip approval and compliance

Travel bookings & Itineraries

Travel bookings are automatically imported from your corporate travel agent (TMC), through direct feeds or through the booking engines (GDS). We are intregrated with main GDSs; Abacus, Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport (Apollo, Galileo, Worldspan). We also have direct feeds from American Express Travel (Amex), Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), Diversity Travel and Egencia. If you don't have a TMC your travellers can forward their itineraries to for automatic importing and processing.

Users can also manually enter trips through the web portal, on their PC, tablet or smartphone or through the Voyage smartphone app.

Voyage Manager supports complete end to end tracking, by supporting any mode of travel from and to any destination. You are not limited to commercial flights, hotels, car rental and rail travel. You can add any addition segments such are airport transfer, private and charter flights, personal car journeys and taxis and more.

Trip booking

Pre Travel

When a traveller's trip has been imported into Voyage Manager, the traveller can receive a destination guide for the destination countries. The country guides provide useful security, medical and travel information as well as interesting information about the destination. Travellers can be required to confirm that they have read the guides by clicking a link at the end of the guide. The read confirmation is then reflected in the travel tracker.

If bookings happen several months before a trip starts, the destination guides can also be sent just prior to travel. Destination guides can also be accessed through the web portal, allowing travellers to research destinations before planning, booking and traveling.

Prior to departure travellers can review the latest travel alerts for their destination countries. The travel alerts are available on the web portal, and can be viewed on PCs, tables and smartphones. Travelers and administrators can also subscribe to a daily summary of alerts, for specific countries or all countries.

Before travelling

Travel Tracking

Once a trip has been approved, booked and imported; Travel Tracker takes over. Travel Tracker monitors the trips from the moment they are imported, until they have been completed. Travel Tracker allows you to see where you travellers are, where they have been and where they will be.

Voyage Manager provides three forms of travel tracking, passive itinerary tracking, active itinerary tracking and active tracking. Passive itinerary tracking is the most common form of tracking, and that is where the system uses the trip segments of a trip to presume the location of the travellers.

With active itinerary tracking Voyage Security ensures that travellers are where they should by, by prompting them to confirm that they are departing and arriving at their destinations. The benefits of active itinerary tracking are that you will have more accurate information about the status of the travellers' trips. At the same time the travellers don't have to remember to check in upon departure and arrival, Voyage Manager requests that they have to perform the appropriate actions.

Active tracking is the gold standard of tracking. It incorporates the active itinerary tracking with location tracking; from smart phones, satellite phones, tracking devices as well as travel expenses and card transaction data. Active tracking provides signifantly more accurate tracking than any other form of tracking, as it uses multiple data sources to pintpoint the most recent location of travellers.

Tracking of travel

Trip Execution

While trips are ongoing travellers will receive real time alerts of any incidents that may affect them at their current location. Administrators can receive the same alerts, but with additional information on which travellers and sites are affected.

Voyage Manager's pulse service provides automated sign of life and security check-in. Instead of travellers having to remember to call in and say that they are OK, or having to remember to check in using an app, pulse prompts the travellers to check in through an email and/or text message. All the traveller has to do it to respond to the request, through a link, SMS or app. Should the traveller fail to do a safety check-in a security manager or administrator will be notified and can take appropriate action. Through automation we can reduce the administrative burden of managing the travellers as well as reduce the number of false positives.

The execution of the trip