Real Time Intelligence

Be informed about events that affect you and your travellers

Travel Alerts

With incidents happening around the world every day it's important that you and your travellers are made aware of events that can affect you. Last year we processed over 30,000 global events, sending out over 110,000 real time alerts to travellers.

Voyage Manager sends real time alerts to travellers and administrators, provides daily alert summaries and a searchable alert library as well as enabling travellers view alerts close to their location through their smartphones.

Over 30,000 real time intelligence alerts each year

Real Time Traveller Alerts

Once an alert has been generated the Voyage Alert system automatically identifies which travellers are potentially affected by the alert and notifies them of the issue. Notifications are sent as emails, SMS messages or both.

Affected travellers are identified based on their proximity to the event, and the decision as to whether or not to notify travellers is based on rules agreed with you. Criteria the are used include proximity, alert severity, alert category and more.

Real-time alerts to travellers based on settings and criteria

Real Time Admin Alerts

As well as notifying travellers of alerts that may affect them, Voyage Manager notifies administrators of which travellers and company locations may be affected by an alert. The admin alerts contain the same information as the traveller alerts, as well as the information about who and where is affected. Admin alerts can also be configured to only be sent for specified severity levels and to chosen administrators.

Real-time alerts to administrators, with information about the alert as well as locations and travellers affected.

Daily Alert Summary

Users can subscribe to a customized daily alert summary, containing alerts generated in the last 24 hours. Users can specify which countries or regions they want alerts for and which severity level they want included.

Personalized daily alert summary of alerts generated in the last 24 hours, for the whole world or specified countries

Mobile Alerts

The Voyage traveller assistance app provides travellers with alerts on the go. The app displays alerts based on the current location of the phone, providing travellers with up to date intelligence where they are.

The app notifies the travellers of how many unread alerts there are, and highlights which alerts are new.

Access alerts through the Voyage mbobile app on Android and iOS.

Data Agnostic Intelligence

We partner with the best and fastest intelligence provider on the market to give us and our clients the best and most timely intelligence data available. Our alert platform is data agnostic, so should you want us to process intelligence data from your preferred intelligence provider our platform can be easily adapted to use their data.

We can work with any intelligence provider