Pulse - Sign Of Life

Ensuring that travellers are safe while travelling

Daily Check In - Sign Of Life

Pulse is an automated sign of life service that uses check-ins to confirm that travellers are OK. The service works by sending check-in requests to travellers at certain times. Travellers have a certain number of hours to confirm back that they are OK. Failure to check-in alerts administrators of the breach.

Sign of life services through automated daily check-ins

Automated Check-In

By automatically prompting travellers to confirm that they are safe Voyage Manager removes the need for travellers to remember to check in, while travelling. This in turn removes or reduces the need for support staff to confirm that travellers are OK every day.

Automated check-in requests to travellers


A key feature of Pulse is its flexibility and customizability. The service can be enabled any time employees are travelling, when they are travelling to certain countries or travelling to countries with certain risk profiles.

Pulse can be configured to only send requests during certain time windows, based on the location of the travellers, ensuring that they don't get disturbed in the middle of the night.

Short layovers can also be taken into account, so if a layover is let's say two hours and the threshold is 5 hours, the request will not be sent until there is a longer time period. This features is useful as short layovers can often be stressful and responding to check-in requests can easily be ignored.

Configure the check in service based on your requirements

How to check-in

The check-in request by pulse is sent in one or more ways, by SMS, email and voice call. The traveller can check-in using one of multiple channels, and only needs to check-in using one of them. To check in by SMS a traveller just needs to respond with the keyword "checkin". With the email request there is a link in the email that the traveller can click. With the automated voice call the traveller just has to follow the instructions on the call.

Travellers can also check-in using the Voyage app, this will include a location fix of the check-in, giving Voyage Manager location data as well. Finally, should a traveller not be able to check-in directly, because they are in a remote location, they can contact an administrator who can check in on their behalf.

Check in requests sent by email, sms and voice call. Response through app, SMS or email link

What our customers say...

Dominic Milne at the University of Aberdeen says "The functionality, and ease of use, of the VM system allows us a comprehensive overview of where our travellers are at any given time anywhere in the world. The daily check in feature provides peace of mind to the traveller, and in turn only requires action from us if a traveller misses a check in. Given many of our team regularly undertake often complex itineraries, with a range of travel types included, this system is now part of our everyday working schedule. Highly recommend."

Testimonial from Dominic Milne from the University of Aberdeen