Before travelling your travellers should be briefed on the destinations they are travelling to. We provide you and your travellers with an online country profile library where you can look up any country in the world. Our places library provides detailed information from our vast database of locations.

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    Country Profile Library

    Through the country profile library you can access detailed information about any country. For each country you will find the latest alerts, recommended vaccinations and medical advice as well as general and security information. You can download the country briefings to PDFs for later reading as well.

    You can brand and tailor the content of the briefings to match your company's profile.

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    Pre Trip Country Profile

    To ensure that your travellers are briefed about their destination countries we send pre trip emails to the travellers with PDFs for the relevant countries. The emails can be sent when the trips are booked, but we recommend that the emails are sent 1-2 weeks before departure, to ensure that they receive the most up to date profiles possible. We also recommend that you enable read confirmation, so that you have a record of who has and hasn't read their country briefs.

  • Real Time Alerts

    Any place stored in our global location database or your customer location database is accessible at the touch of a button. A place profile consists of address and GPS information as well as weather, timezone and contact details. You can also see who is departing, arriving, staying at or within the vicinity of the place.

    Our global database consists of airports, hotels, train stations and car rental centres. We also have consulates embassies and hospitals. As well as these public locations you can have your own proprietary database consisting of company office locations, production sites or homes.


  • Country Profile

    The country briefing displayed is for Papua New Guinea. The briefing provides security and general information about the country. You can view the briefing through the portal or download it as a PDF. The briefing displays the categories that are relevant to your company and by clicking on the associated icon you will see the details for that category.

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  • Place Profile

    Every place and location with your Voyage Manager environment has a place profile. The profile shows you general information about the place such as city, state, country, address and coordinates. There can also be contact details, weather and people staying at, departing and arriving and within the vicinity of the place.

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