Location Services

VM Location Services is the first universal tracking platform that brings together tracking of smart phones,  tracking devices, satellite tracking devices and satellite phones onto a single tracking platform.

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    Single Platform

    Our universal tracking platform can track and monitor any type of device, including smartphones, tracking devices and satellite phones. The global overview displays where all people and assets are located. The personal view shows the current and historical locations of an individual person or asset including breadcrumb trail.

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    Tracking & Coverage

    There are 4 main types of tracking technologies, smart phone apps, mobile tracking devices, satellite phones and satellite tracking devices. With our array of technologies we have a solution for your any need. We provide complete global coverage, from pole to pole and from desert to ocean.

    You can find out more about each of our technologiesMore...

    Finding the right tracking solution can be difficult. Check out our Phones versus Devices page for information on the different tracking technologies.

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    Geo Fencing & Geo Routing

    By drawing shapes on a map you can create geo-fences that define high risk and safe zones. As a person or asset enters or leaves a geofence you can receive alerts.

    If you want a vehicle or traveller to follow a specific route you can draw a geo-route. You can then receive alerts when the asset deviates from the route.

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    24 / 7 Operations Center Monitoring

    You can manage and monitor the location of your people and assets yourself. Alternatively you can use the monitoring services provided by our assistance partners, Northcott Global Solutions or any other security or assistance provider you choose.

    Northcott Global Solutions is our primary assistance partner. With a 24/7 operations centre in the centre of London Northcott provides assistance, monitoring evacuation services to clients all over the world.

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    VM Services

    VM Location Services works as an independent location tracking service. It is also an integral part of the VM Security and VM Tax solutions.