Destination Guides

Ensuring that travellers and employers are informed about travel destinations

Destination Guides

Destination guides or country profiles provide travellers and travel coordinators with essential data about travel destinations. They provide a mix of relevant, useful and important information; such as medical and security information, latest alerts as well as information such as food and drink, electricity, climate and religion, to name a few.

Our destination guides are customized for your organization, both in terms content as well as layout.

Customized destination guides with important and useful information about travel destinations

New Trip Country Guide

When a new trip is created destination guides can be sent to travellers based on the destinations of the trip. Guides are normally only sent for higher risk countries, although the client can choose the rules for when the guides are created.

Destination guides sent to travellers when trips are booked.

Pre Trip Destination Guides

Destination guides that are sent more than a month before departure will be out of date by the time the trip starts. In order to ensure that travellers receive current destination information Voyage Manager can send a new and up to date country guide a few days or a week before departure.

Updated destination guides sent to travellers just prior to departure

Destination Guide Library

Before choosing to travel to a destination a traveller or travel coordinator may want to research the destination country. The country guide library provides users with a library of all country guides. The library generates the guide upon request, with the latest data about the country. Users can view the library online or download it as a PDF for later reading.

Destination guides viewable and downloadable from the Voyage Manager portal.

Read Confirmation

At the bottom of the desitination is a read confirmation link. Once a traveller has read the guide they should click the link to indicate that they have actually read the guide. Administrators can see whether or not a guide has been read in trip details, within the travel tracker.

Track that travellers have read their destination guides.

Mobile Destination Guides

The Voyage traveller assistance app provides travellers with destination guides on the go. The app downloads the latest destination information for the selected destination. The guides is then available offline to be read at the traveller's convenience.

Access destination guides through the Voyage app.

Data Agnostic Intelligence

Our destination guide service is data agnostic, so should you want us to process intelligence data from your preferred intelligence provider our platform can be easily adapted to use their data.

Supporting destination data from and intelligence provider