Travel Security

We have the only fully automated global travel tracking and security management system. It actively monitors trip progress, seeing your people safely through every stage of their journey, and helping you to meet your duty of care and legal obligations.

Our service brings together real-time location tracking, crisis management and evacuation support, as well as a sign of life system.

  • Travel Tracker


    Complete end to end travel tracking experience.
  • Alert


    Real time update on current events.
  • Compliance


    Ensures compliance with company policies.
  • My Travel


    Stores your personal travel information.
  • Place


    Pre trip country and location profiles.
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Additional Features

  • Pulse


    Pulse checks that you are OK on a daily basis, through an automated request response process. By automatically prompting you to confirm that you're safe we remove the need for you to remember to check in... More...

  • Locate


    Locate provides GPS tracking of travellers, vehicles and assets, through smart phones, satellite phones and tracking devices. You can see the current location of every asset as well as a bread crumb trail of where they have been... More...

  • Report


    Report allows you get information from your Voyage Manager environment. If you subscribe to one of the batch reports you will receive the report at the scheduled times. Real time reports allow you to query the system from your web browser, giving you the data immediately... More...

  • Resource


    Resource brings together all of the information about your travellers in one place, giving you access to information on travel, location tracking, communications, events, training and travel vault... More...

  • Crewing


    We can assist in reducing the logistical challenges that crew changes pose. Crewing ensures that all on and off signing crew members have transportation, appropriate documentation and vaccination and that the new crew has the correct complement... More...

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