React quickly when something goes wrong

Wherever your workforce are in the world, you have a duty of care to look out for their safety and wellbeing.

Voyage Manager’s travel tracking software includes market-leading security tools, which protect your team from the moment they leave the house until their safe return.

Check in
Make sure staff are safe at every point in their journey.
Get instant updates on global security issues.
Ensure staff are OK and get them to safety.
Give your team the tools for a safe business trip

Give your team the tools for a safe business trip

Voyage Manager provides market-leading travel tracking software, but that’s not all we do.

Our platform includes in-built security features, designed to maximise employee safety when travelling for work:

  • Shareable digital destination guides with essential information for travelling to new countries
  • Automatic compliance alerts when a team’s travel plans breach company policies, such as too many staff travelling on the same flight

For quick, secure updates, we encourage all people taking business trips to download the Voyage Manager mobile apps.

Instant updates on global security incidents

Most business trips run smoothly. But if something goes wrong, Voyage Manager keeps central teams and travellers up to date on current events as they unfold.

We will help you to get in touch with affected staff as quickly as possible, to ensure everyone is safe:

  • Real-time intelligence alerts out to travellers and admin personnel by email, SMS and voice calls
  • Incident support communications help you get in touch with staff, check they are OK and move them to a safe location
  • Employees can trigger their own safety alerts via Voyage Manager’s mobile app

Last year we processed over 30,000 real-time global alerts, from over 150 sources, to help global business travellers stay safe even when a trip does not go to plan.

Instant updates on global security incidents

Support your staff through global security networks

Many Voyage Manager users choose to manage business travel through their own internal travel and security teams. But some prefer outside support to keep their staff safe.

Voyage Manager has a network of assistance and security partners, including Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) and Security Exchange. These provide 24/7 support with assisting and repatriating staff during local, national and global security incidents.

Let us know if you’d like to work with one of our specialist security partners.


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