We ensure that you and your travellers are compliant with your company's travel policies by applying your rules to the trips you travellers make. Should there be a breach of policy we will automatically notify you of the breach.

Compliance is also a key component in managing pre trip travel risk assessments and approvals. We ensure that travellers' trips ar approved before the traveller books the trip.

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    Trip Plan

    Through My Travel your travellers can fill out trip plans and travel risk assessments. The trip plan guides the travellers through a number of modules including vaccination recommendations, immigration, tax and finally the travel risk assessment. Once the traveller has submitted the plan for approval your compliance manager will be notified of the new trip plan, which they can approve, decline or return to traveller requesting more information.

  • Real Time Alerts
    Travel Risk Assessment

    Your travellers may be required to fill out travel risk assessments prior to booking their travel as part of your travel risk management strategy. The information your employees are required to provide in the TRA can be tailored to your requirements. You may for example adjust the TRA based the risk level of the country the traveller is planning to visit. For low risk countries the TRA may only ask very basic questions, or they may not be required to fill in a TRA at all, whereas for an extreme risk country they may have to proivde details on close protection provider and processes as well as details on their kidnap and ransom training. You can also configure how we process trip plans and TRAs according to your internal processes.

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    Travel Restrictions

    We monitor and advise on a number of travel restrictions, including travel bans, restricted airlines breaches and traveller restriction breaches, notifying you when a breach occurs.

    You can configure a travel ban on any country. Once a ban has been implemented you will be notified about any trips to the banned country.

    We have implemented the EU banned airline list, and you can create your own restricted and banned airline list. Any bookings on any of the listed airlines will be flagged and you will be notified.

    If you have too many travellers on the same flight, train or bus we will notify you the moment the breach happens, giving you as much time as possible to rectify the issue.

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    You can use our default trip plan and travel risk assessment process or you can have a custom processed developed around your particular needs. For one client we developed a process that included multiple levels of approval based on the risk level of travel. The process also included connecting with the TMCs to ensure that all data was captured.


  • Compliance Overview

    Compliance overview shows the various travel breaches as well and trip plans that are currently pending approval.

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  • Traveller Restriction Breach

    When too many travellers are travelling on the same flight you get a traveller restriction breach. As a compliance manager you would also be notified about the breach via email.

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  • Trip Plan - Travel Risk Assessment

    When traveller submits a trip plan for approval you will receive an alert informing you of a trip plan awaing approval.

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