Keeping Travellers Safe

Providing the tools you need to ensure that your employees are informed and safe when travelling

Travel Safety and Duty of Care

Duty of care is not only a legal responsibility that your organization has towards your employees. It is also a moral responsibility that if implemented well improves the wellbeing and productivity of your travellers as well as improving your organization's reputation.

Voyage Manager gives you everything you need to provide the best possible duty of care for your travelling population. Our services cover the full travel lifecycle, from trip approval and planning, to trip monitoring and tracking and post trip reporting.

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Cross platform travel tracking and security monitoring in Voyage Security by Voyage Manager

Travel Tracking

Travel Tracker is at the core of Voyage Manager's travel security platform and service. As such we are proud to be the first company to provide numerous features that our competitors have subsequently copied, including processing email itineraries, single platform tracking and real time card transaction tracking to name a few.

From standard passive tracking to active and end to end travel tracking Voyage Manager provides a travel tracking solution to suit your organization's needs. Whether you are new to travel tracking, or a veteran, our platform can be customized to your needs, and adapt as your needs change.

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Tracking travellers' locations using travel tracker

Real Time Intelligence Alerts

Last year we processed over 30,000 real time global alerts, from over 150 sources.

Alerts are sent out in real-time to affected travellers and administrators, ensuring that they are up to date on current events as they unfold.

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Processing and sending real time alerts to travellers and administrators

Destination Country Guides

Before travelling your travellers should be briefed on the destination(s) they are travelling to.

Travellers can be sent our customized country profiles prior to travel, giving them essential information about their destinations. They can also view the guides through the country profile library.

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Customized destination guides (country profiles) for travel destinations.

Daily Check In - Sign of Life

Through our automated request-response check in process, pulse ensures that travellers are OK.

By automatically prompting travellers to confirm that they are safe Voyage Manager removes the need for travellers to remember to check in, while travelling. This removes or reduces the need for support staff to confirm that travellers are OK every day.

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Sign of life service through the automated daily check-in service


Compliance ensures that your company complies with your company's travel policy.

When there is a compliance breach; be that too many travellers travelling together or trips booked with airlines or to countries on the company's restriction list, compliance officers or administrators can be notified immediately.

Trip approval allows you to manage which trips are approved, based on your company's travel policy criteria.

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Automatically ensuring travel policy compliance.


When a major event or incident occurs, Incident helps coordinate and manage the event.

For a minor incident it may be used to identify and manage which travellers and employees may be affected. For a more serious event Incident may include mass communication and check in verification. Whatever the scale and scope of the event Incident is there to help.

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Manage incidents and events in a single place.

Mass Notification

Mass notification of an event or incident to employees or travellers is an essential feature of a safety and security tool.

Voyage Manager provides mass communications based on incidents, location and travel and other criteria, with the ability of automatically sending notifications by email, SMS and voice calls.

Mass warning and informing of individuals, groups of travellers or the whole organization

Global Security Operation Centres (24/7)

Voyage Manager provides the technology that helps keep your employees safe while travelling. Behind the technology are the assistance and security teams that use our technology to assist the travellers.

Monitoring of your employees can be managed by your own internal travel and security teams, or you can work with an assistance or security company company. We can work with your existing provider or you can choose to work with one of our own specialist security partners.

Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) Response24 By Security Exchange 24 Xtreme Security

Travel App

The Voyage app is your travellers' mobile companion, providing itinerary management, location based alerts, country profiles as well as check-in, SOS and calling features.

Although the app has important safety and security features, it was very much designed to be a travel app that travellers will want to use, to make their personal travel easier.

The Voyage app is available on iPhone and Android.

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Voyage app for iPhone and Android app

Travel Tracker Comparison

We know we have the best travel security suite in the world, and we are proud of the solution we have to offer you. Check out our Comparison Page to see how we compare to other providers.

Comparison of Voyage Manager's travel tracker with other travel trackers.


Travelling has a damaging effect on the environment. Monitoring the carbon footprint of your travel is a good starting point in changing your environmental impact. Voyage Manager provides CO2 monitoring of all of your travel, giving you a better picture your effect on the environment.

Knowning the environmental impact of your travel


The Voyage API enables you to access your security data from your own software or apps. The API gives you access to read, write and manipulate your data stored within your Voyage Manager account.

API for accessing Voyage Security data for travellers and organizations.