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Travel tracking is becoming a key component within relocation. As governments and authorities become stricter on tax and immigration it is essential that travellers and clients have better information about the time they spend in jurisdictions.

Developing and maintaining an in-house travel tracking solution is expensive and resource intensive. Not only is there the cost of developing the system, but it also needs to be maintained, and upgraded as technologies and rules change.

Voyage Manager is the only company that specializes in travel tracking solutions and services. We have a unified tracking platform that is flexible and customizable and can be configured to meet your requirements, now and in the future.

Voyage Relocation

Our Services

Voyage consists of a number of services, centered around Travel Tracker, our travel tracking service. Our tax and immigration monitoring services use travel tracker to accurately monitor and calculate the number of days travellers spend in jurisdictions, enabling travellers and companies to comply with legislation and avoid tax and immigration penalties.

Other services we provide include the vault, a document vault for managing and storing travel documents, data analytics as well as our travel risk management services. The travel risk management services incorporates automated daily check-in, real time alerts, destination guides, incident management to name a few things.

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Voyage Manager services

Service Plans

Depending on your requirements there are different Voyage Manager service plans available to you. You can either have travellers on our multi-tenanted environment, or you can have a dedicated Voyage Manager instance. Information on the service plans can be found at Service Plans.

We have a number relocation and global mobility companies running Voyage Manager on dedicated platforms as well as on our multi-tenanted platform. One of our dedicated platform clients is MSI. They have a dedicated in-house environment that has been customized for their use. Through our API MSI is able to leverage the full data and technology capabilities of Voyage, within their own portal and platform. Our Voyage, Voyage Tax and Voyage Immigration smartphone apps are available as the MSI Travel, MSI Tax and MSI Immigration apps on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

MSI's Voyage Manager service