(Cambridge, 9 April 2013) Voyage manager, the leading provider of automated travel tracking and security solutions now provides integration with WorldMate Email Parsing API.

Voyage Manager has integrated with WorldMate Email Parsing API, enabling travellers to easily and automatically import their travel itineraries into Voyage Manager. Travellers just need to forward their email itineraries to Voyage Manager’s account, and within minutes the full itineraries are available in the travellers’ Voyage Manager profiles. The integration with WorldMate API greatly reduces the time users spend maintaining their travel details and decreases the occurrence of errors during the data entry process.

About Voyage Manager
Voyage Manager brings travel tracking and travel monitoring to 21st century with its automated travel and security solutions.

Voyage Manager is a Cambridge, UK based technology company that specializes in providing flexible, automated and user friendly solutions for managing monitoring and tracking employee and asset travel. Voyage Manager’s products provide a solution that is more accurate and complete than any other product on the market.

About WorldMate API
The WorldMate API is built upon the WorldMate platform, the world’s largest mobile itinerary management and travel booking service, which has managed millions of itineraries over the years.

The WorldMate API processes travelers' confirmation emails, extracts all of the key information and sends it back to the developers, by doing so it is allowing developers to use the data to create a virtually limitless array of applications.