(Cambridge, 19 June 2011) Voyage Manager Ltd, has released their new look website and corporate identity just as they are set to expand into further markets. With a strong developing base in Europe, Voyage Manager is now looking to enter the North American markets and feels that the overhaul in the look and feel of their customer facing software will not only improve their relationships with current customers, but also show more accurately the strength and flexibility of Voyage Manager itself.

Providing bespoke travel management solutions for any sized organisation, Voyage Manager is a fully automated, web based service which manages, tracks, notifies and informs. Able to be used with any mode of travel and to group travellers with different routes, Voyage Manager provide is the centre of your global security solution.

About Voyage Manager Ltd.
Voyage Manager Ltd. is a Cambridge, UK based travel technology company specializing in advanced travel management, monitoring and tracking solutions.

The Voyage Manager solution is a web based service that provides businesses with a flexible, easy to use and cost efficient platform for managing and monitoring employee travel. Voyage Manager is an automated service that is accessible from any location by web, SMS and mobile phone.

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