(Cambridge, 08 August 2010) Voyage Manager, one of the world's most effective travel monitoring and security tools, now provides integration with TripIt, the leading travel itinerary builder and trip sharing service.

Voyage Manager has integrated with TripIt, enabling them to access travel data in TripIt, so users can automatically import their flight and rail trips into Voyage Manager. This greatly reduces the time users spend maintaining their travel details and decreases the occurrence of errors during the data entry process.

About Voyage Manager
Voyage Manager is an Internet based travel management and travel security service that provides businesses with a flexible, easy to use and cost efficient platform for managing and monitoring employee travel. Voyage Manager is accessible from any location by web, SMS and mobile phone.

Voyage Manager automatically monitors trips from the moment they are entered into the system until they have been completed, keeping travellers and relevant parties informed at every stage of a trip. Should a traveller not arrive at a destination, or the traveller sends an SOS to the system, security managers can be informed immediately and emergency procedures can be activated. The latter is becoming increasingly in focus as international business and operations are more frequently requiring people to travel to, from and through potentially hazardous areas.
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About TripIt
TripIt helps people organize their travel plans no matter where they book. travellers simply forward their travel confirmation emails from over 500 sites to TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary that combines all their travel plans plus weather, maps, restaurants and more. With TripIt it’s easy to share and collaborate on trips with friends and colleagues in social networks. Find out more at